Kick Start: Claim What's Yours

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There's something about the energy in the air right now.

The windows are wide open as I listen to the rain gently falling outside, candle light has filled the room, and it's just me and you. Right here, in this moment. It's electric. 

I've been thinking a lot about you lately. And I want you to know that I see you. 

I see your courage, strength, and unwavering passion for this beautiful thing we call LIFE and I believe in you.

That said, I have a message for you. Yes, it's a little bold but I'm just going to throw it out there, knowing that it's coming from my heart to yours...

I want you to chase down those little whispers, the nudges, the inklings, your gut feelings, the pull towards what's been calling your name. To get deeply, deeply curious about them and really listen when you ask, "What do they have to say? Why?" 

I want you to answer the call. 

I want you to break down the walls of fear - with sweaty palms, as your heart is thump-thump-thumping in your chest. I want to see you grow, stretch, and expand in your capacity to love, to dream a little bigger, to claim what's rightfully yours.

I want you to trust. Trust that the Universe has your back, that you will be continually supported and guided along the way. And that fear? It's just a sign of the growth + expansion you're seeking.

I want you to stop searching outside of you and turn your gaze inwards. 

I want to see your face light up when you come to the realization that everything you could ever need or want is already inside of you. The infinite wisdom of the Cosmos, the spark of inspiration, complete unbridled joy, unconditional love + acceptance, it's all there, woven into your soul.

I want you to know this isn't about adding stuff on top of you - another skill, a new language, the words from the latest book, a different way of being - it's coming home to who you already are. It's stripping away the layers that you no longer need, that are no longer serving you, and that cover you - the real you - up.

I want you to honour yourself. 

Because I see you. I believe in you. 

Are you going to claim what's yours?

Now's the time.

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