Kick Start: Feel Good, Right Now

As your eyes scan across these words, fill your lungs with air, inhaling through your nose starting with your belly, filling it up, feeling your chest rise, and your collarbones expand.

Begin to exhale slowly, your chest relaxes, as you feel the cool air escape you, your stomach softens, until you've exhaled your entire breath.


How do you feel?

How do you want to feel?

Intentions are a powerful, powerful thing. The days when I set crystal-clear intentions are when I feel most aligned, connected, and the most at ease. There's less chasing, struggle, and overwhelm. Life no longer happens "at" you, you move with it. As Wayne Dyer puts it, "Our intention creates our reality."

On a more cellular level, when we check in and ask ourselves how we feel, how we want to feel, and how we're going cultivate our desires into our lives today, in this moment, we deepen the connection with our intuition. We practice the art of listening rather than just doing.

By listening to the answers that arise within us, we take inspired action. If we don't, we're dishonouring ourselves.

Maybe you intend to feel strong by challenging yourself at a yoga class.

Maybe you intend to feel peace throughout your fully-packed day by setting reminders on your phone between meetings/ appointments to take a few deep breaths.

Maybe you intend to feel beautiful by smiling at yourself each time you look in the mirror. Or by wearing the sexy underwear, even if nobody sees it but you.

Maybe you intend to feel connected to your soul by sitting down for a meditation, or reflecting in your journal, free-flow style.

Maybe you intend to feel joy by taking a few minutes to crank up the tunes, and dance wildly on the spot, balls-to-the-wall, no inhibitions. (Werk it!)

When we feel the way we want to feel, we become a magnet for more of that good-stuff. Give yourself permission to feel that, to revel in it, to blow it up to cosmic proportions. Who else is going to if not you?

Tell me, beautiful: what's your one-word intention? And what are you going to do to feel that way? 


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