Kick Start: One Question...

Time has a funny way of kicking it into high gear during these summer months - as each day goes by, I'm reminded again and again how quickly it passes, and how one day, sooner than I realize, this summer will become another memory that I'll look back on and smile. That as much as I want to look into the future, it's all about marinating in this beautiful space, coming back to here, now, this moment.

While you're scanning through these words, I want you to bring awareness to your breath. Was your breathing shallow? Were you holding your breath? Consciously come back to full, deep breaths, as you inhale and exhale.

Feel a sense of calm fill your body.

Let go of the chatter in your mind.

Release your expectations - for this moment, for this day.


Ask yourself this one simple question:

What do you need right now?

Take action.


As always, if this resonated with you, I'd be so appreciative if you shared it with your friends and spread the love x

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