An Experiment: Combating Overwhelm

Feelings of overwhelm tend to be a reoccurring theme that creeps in again and again. As we head into a new month, the sudden realization that there are only three months until a brand new year sets in. Far enough out to be comfortable with it, and soon enough that it still surprises you. 

As the weeks pass, the depleting end-of-year-itis will no doubt rear its ugly head, packing on the unrealistic expectations and dreaded pressure, leaving you feeling helpless and submerged in the world of overwhelm and stress.

I have 3294327 loose ends to tie up!

How the hell am I going to manage my full plate and smash through my goals?

Where did the time go?! It's only ____ days until Christmas!

Why is the end of the year so freaking kuh-ray-zy?

I'm here to tell you that it can be different. Softer, gentler, more productive.


Striking overwhelm from our vocabulary before it appears. Not just tackling the lengthy to-do list you've got tucked away, but doing so with intention. No rules, no obligations, all feel-good, free-form. Making room not just for the admin stuff and the "must-get-done" items, but for creativity, expansion, and joy. Step-by-step, side-by-side.

Sounds full of potential, doesn't it?


Over the course of 12 weeks (starting next week), we'll begin to map out a goal a week (or take two weeks if it's a biggie!). By setting up realistic, achievable goals in a short-term setting, we'll be swinging open the doors, inviting in more into our lives and setting ourselves up to dive into 2014 feeling accomplished, refreshed, and AMPED to kick it off on the right foot.

The aim here is to...

+ Intentionally add what matters to your plate, creating LASER-FOCUS.

+ Smash through fears and resistance. Open up to more options, more possibilities. (Gimme more of that!)

+ Consciously make the time, making room for more of what you want. (HELL YEAH!)

+ Use this free-form, "how is this feeling?" technique to gently guide you through goal-smashing, setting the tone for what's next. (Don't make "must-abide-by" rules to follow.)

+ Play an active role in creating your own reality.


Take this week to map out your goals - from the dusty, neglected items (like general house-keeping) to the shiny, new treasures dancin' around in your head (think expressing yourself creatively, signing up for a new class, creating a healthier lifestyle, whatever you wish!), and plan it out.

As we head into the next 12 weeks, don't be restricted by your list. While a plan helps you get going, it's not set in stone. Feel like doing your goal for week 6 instead of week 3? Shift it around. Need more time? Take it, sans guilt! Does one of your goals no longer resonate with you? Cross it off the list, open up for more. Trust your gut. You know what's best.

Lastly, hold yourself accountable! I'll be sharing my updates with you as I go, and if you'd like to write about your experiences - by all means! Other ways include, sharing this idea and teaming up with a friend, getting yourself an "accountability partner", or connecting on the Between Dreams community page. And if you'd like to email me for extra support + encouragement + occasional check-ins, you know where to find me!

Phew! I'm stoked! Can't wait to see how it unfolds.

TELL ME: Will you be mapping out your goals in the weeks to come? How does striking overwhelm from your vocabulary feel to you? Would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments. (And if you're joining in and sharing on the web, please be sure to leave your links so I can follow your progress! xx)

Image via Julian Bialowas

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