Kick Start: Come Alive

What would it look like... if you pressed 'pause' on your excuses? If you turned the dial up on your dreams, say, 3 notches? If you (finally) listened to those inner nudges urging you to chase after your deepest desires?

How would it feel... to say "I love me", and mean it? To know that you are a miraculous being creating miracles? To feel that you are being guided by something bigger than yourself? To let go of your fears? To drop the expectations? To look in the mirror and boldly exclaim "I'm good enough", and believe it? To revel in leaping out of your comfort zone? To shout out "YES" to endless possibilities? To live the life of your dreams?

What if, each day, you make a pact with yourself to...

Embrace your curiosity.

Choose love over fear. Always.

Bask in unconventionality.

Dive deeper. Ask more questions. Seek truth.

Be okay with getting uncomfortable.

Lean in. Embrace more. Desire more.

Love yourself. (And know that you are worthy of love.)

Come alive.

Ask yourself what makes your soul light up? What makes you feel open, free, expanded, and un-freaking-stoppable? When do you feel the most you? The brightest, strongest, and most connected? Start doing those things today. Not tomorrow, not next week, not "when you have the time". Make YOU a priority. Put your desires at the top of your list. Let yourself come alive.

TELL ME: What would your life look like then? Let's take this deeper... I'd love to chat in the comments.

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