Kick Start: Shine Bright

Your quirks.




Whether you're completely 'out there', outspoken, a little weird, a bit forgetful, artistic, analytical, highly sensitive, reserved, or a total dreamer, it doesn't matter.

Maybe you prefer curling up with a good read over partying, speaking up rather than sitting quietly, spontaneity over perfectly planned, insightful conversation to small talk, just going for it in place of methodical thinking. (Or vice-versa) Maybe you've always got your head up in the clouds, tend to just wing it, and encourage radical thinking. Perhaps you favour weighing out the pros and cons, playing it safe, and are likely to take your time.

Whatever it is you've deemed as your biggest weakness may very well be your greatest strength.

These are the traits that make you... you. It's your special brand of magic. It sets you a part from the crowd, gives you the go-ahead to step into your starring role, and lets you shine. It's the light that the world needs.

Accept it. Gently. Free from critique, back-talk, and judgement.

Embrace it. Own it. Rock it.

"The reason you are here is to express the highest form of who you are." | Cheryl Richardson

Use it to push the envelope, provoke new ideas, and guide you back to your true self.

Let it be your true North, the beacon of Truth, your bolt of brilliance.

Delicately unwrap the parts of yourself you've locked away and labelled not good enough.

Nurture your unique spirit.

Be bold. Shine bright.

TAKEAWAY: Think back to a time where you felt 'different' or 'didn't fit in'... what was it that made you feel this way? Tap into that. Looking back, can you see your unique skill set/ natural strength shining through? Let me know in the comments! Or if you'd like to dive deeper, I'm always available via email. I'd love to connect and hear more from you xx


Share it, print it, save it as your new background, or simply read the words and take a big, deep breath. xx

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