What I Believe In

Our beliefs are us at the very core, they are the leading force behind every decision we make in this life, the lifeblood of our existence. What we believe in has been formed over time, revealing pieces and snippets of our life as it's unfolded.

This is something that went viral across the blogworld a few months ago, but alas, I'm just getting around to it now. It's been in the works for a while, and I kind of feel as though my soul's been cracked open... but here goes! Enjoy :)

I believe that we can all live deeply fulfilling and satisfying lives doing what we love. We are all unique and have something of value to offer the world. Deep down, your passions are rumbling around, just waiting for you to release them. I truly believe the first and hardest step is to start believing in yourself. Get there and the floodgate of possibility will pour in. 

I believe that happiness is a choice. Perception shifts are everything. Trust me when I say I've had some dark days where I didn't know how I could possibly make it out unscathed. My depleted self-worth and destructive ways had drop-kicked me straight to the gut. I had a choice to make. Was I going to go down a path of self-destruction, which was already perfectly landscaped ahead of me? Or was I going to break out the machete, carve out my own way and live a life of happiness? Sometimes choosing happiness isn't easy, it's hard work. It takes time, patience, and forgiveness. It's knowing that self-sabotage will probably never completely disappear, it's how you handle and ultimately shift those thoughts that make all the difference.

I believe in miracles. Because there are too many things that happen in this world that are jaw-droppingly extraordinary. Where the impossible becomes possible. And the only explanation is that there's a higher power willing it to happen.

I believe in loving openly and fearlessly. Sometimes you just have to put it all out there - your heart, mind, soul - and take a chance. There will never be a guarantee that it won't be broken, but what I do know is this - there is strength in vulnerability. Once you allow yourself to become vulnerable, you allow yourself to become open to a new kind of love entirely.

I believe that gratitude is the way to unlocking pure, unhinged joy. You know how they say you don't realize how much things mean to you until they're gone? How we take the little things for granted? Well... what if we didn't? Because those things - the minuscule things, the every day things, the things we've become so use to, and the things that happen in an instant we hardly even pay attention to them... THOSE THINGS ARE AWESOME. Those things make a life worth living.

I believe that music is the great healer of the soul. In the same way that you have that one friend who always knows how to say the exact thing you need to hear.

I believe that beauty is everywhere. And it's just waiting to be captured.

I believe there's nothing quite like bubble baths, fresh sheets, and laughing so hard it hurts. Narrowing that list down to three was tough! Let's keep going - staying in bed an extra two hours just to snuggle, impromptu dance parties, thinking the exact same things at the exact same time (both freaky and awesome!), waking up to the sunrise, a delicious breakfast in the morning, surprise treats, getting all the "prizes" in Mario, knowing all the words to songs that come on the radio, the first warm breeze of the year... and much, much more. My favourite things. The little things, you know? ;)

I believe that fear exists to guide us in the right direction. Let's be honest, if it doesn't scare you, how good can it possibly be? Marie Forleo says to use your body as an indicator of whether it's a "good" fear, or a "bad" fear. Think about what it is that's scaring you... does your body expand, or contract? Expansion is what we're aiming for here. Letting our fears take over will only paralyze us. Living in that constant state of fear closes the door on possibility, fulfillment, and satisfaction in our lives. Instead - listen to what your body is telling you, let your fear guide you, and chase after what you want.

I believe that certain people enter our lives for a reason. I've always loved the quote from Chuck Palahniuk: Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known. The people who have entered my life have shaped how I think, act, react, and even, the way I live. Some of those people have been a shining light guiding me through the thick and thin of it all. Other people have tried to break me. Those people have taught me more about who I am as a person than anyone else could have. I guess what I'm trying to get at is... as hard as it was to live through those times, with people in my life who weren't good for me, I've come out on top. People come into your life, often times, good, sometimes not-so-good, each of those people will teach us a little something about strength, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, trust, love, self-worth, and passion for life. Each of those people and those experiences are lessons in life - some of those lessons flow effortlessly, some need to be searched for - but they all happen for a reason. One that maybe we'll never fully understand, but I choose to believe it's for the greater good of it all.

I believe in following your dreams, no matter how far-fetched or silly everyone else thinks it is. Period. Exclamation mark! FIFTEEN exclamation marks!!! This life is yours, live it.

What do you believe in? I'd love for you to share your thoughts, and if you have your own posts, link 'em up! I'd love to have a read xx

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