Are You Run By Love or Fear?

Have you ever pressed the 'pause' button on your thoughts and examined them with curiosity? If you're keen on discovering your fullest potential, tapping into your own brilliance, and living a full, authentic life (And I'd bet that's one BIG resounding YES!), you've got to dig deep into your own psyche. As you explore, it might look a bit messy, feelings will rush through your body, and it will open your eyes.

Creating space around your thoughts is confronting, to say the least. It's easy to switch on the 'auto-pilot' setting in our minds, and let our thoughts run our lives, feelings, and emotions. It takes courage to declare that you're ready to take the wheel and steer the ship that is your life.

Sera Beak sums it up, beautifully:

“We, as individual spiritual beings, are solely responsible for much of how our life plays out, because our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. In other words, it’s not my experiences in the world that define me but, rather, my thoughts about my experiences that create and define the experience.”

So, what does "creating space around your thoughts" mean?

On any given day, at any given moment, there's a inner dialogue playing in our minds. These thoughts can lift us up, bring us down, make us feel confident, psyche ourselves out, empower us, or drag us deeper into our own sadness. To put it simply: our thoughts are either run by love or they're run by fear.

To create space around our thoughts means bringing a new-found awareness to them. When you take one big step back and become aware of your thoughts, you can then consciously shift from fear to love. You begin to make a profound choice to improve the way you live by letting go of depleting, negative thoughts and invite in positive, empowering thoughts.


What You'll Discover...

It's often said that we're own worst critics, and holy shit, this realization is amplified once we actually begin to pay attention to our monkey minds. What you may discover is that instead of speaking to yourself with compassion, you're constantly picking apart, scrutinizing, criticizing, and putting down.

Instead of continuing to criticize yourself for criticizing yourself (do you see how silly that sounds?), become grateful for the awareness over your thoughts. You cannot beat your inner critic with more fear. Be grateful that you now have the power to consciously step away from fear and into love.


How To Move Forward...

The beautiful thing about curiosity is that it doesn't come with judgement or scrutiny, it's becoming wildly interested in what's possible and true. Adapt a curious mind, become a seeker, ask questions, and go ahead and label yourself an adventurer of the soul.

When your inner critic pops up, ask, "Am I really not good enough? How do I know I won't succeed? How do I know I can't do that? Is it really true? Where is the proof? Would I speak to a friend (or anyone) this way?"

If you're in a toxic relationship, ask, "Do I really deserve to be treated this way? Do I actually need this person in order to feel happy? What would it feel like to remove them from my life?"

If you're surrounded by negativity, ask, "Do I really want to get sucked into this? Is this the message I want to send? What would it feel like not to take this personally/ leave the situation/ choose happiness?"

If you're being negative, ask, "Does this really matter? Is this really the energy I want to be sending out into the world? What would it feel like to let go of this?"

The more you practice creating space, inviting in awareness, and shifting your thoughts, the more naturally it becomes. For most of us, it's years of conditioning, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts that we're releasing and it will take time. Be patient, and most of all, be grateful.

The more space you create in your mind, the more freedom you create in your heart.

YOUR TURN: I'd love for you to share a time when you were faced with a fearful or negative thought and you chose to overcome it. Maybe you chose to treat yourself with extra compassion, or faced a big fear of yours... and if this resonated with you in any way, I'd love for you to share your thoughts. As always, sending you big love x

Image via Move Nourish Believ

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