When You Stop Believing In Your Power

The power of intention and law of attraction... these concepts are very "Consciousness 101" but it's so easy to know it intellectually and forget to really embody it.

So, what happens when we do forget? We stop believing in our own power - and that's exactly what happened to me and I didn't even realize it.

I was at my naturopath's office and we were doing some work de-programming negative belief patterns and upgrading more of what really served me. Fear, guilt, shame - it's the kind of stuff that stays with you from generation to generation. It stays locked in your body unless you actively do something about it.

I wanted more love, happiness, bravery.

This process involved a lot of visualization - and I started to question myself.

"How do I know that I'm doing it right?" I asked.

"Believe that you are." she responded.

How could I have so easily forgotten... and more than that, how often in my every day life do I question myself and wondering if I'm doing the right thing or making the right choices. How often do I believe these limiting thoughts that I forget how powerful intention and visualization are? 

Those four simple words were enough to ignite my inner power - and the work I did that day was one of the most powerful experiences in my life.

I imagined myself throwing out (literally) limiting beliefs, but I kept it playful and not too serious. With a light heart, I said a simple "goodbye" to fear, stress, guilt, doubt - and then into the trash can they went. I felt lighter. More free.

With that same level of intention, I welcomed in the words and feelings I wanted more of - I am brave. I am capable. I am centred. I am alive. I am connected.

I felt my entire energy field expand. I wasn't just saying the words, I was embodying them. My shoulders relaxed, my spine straightened, I felt a slight grin come across my face. I was empowered.

It's carried with me, since that day.

Not only did that practice shift something deep inside of me, but it reminded me that we're all powerful, capable, and brave - we just forget that we are. We go through the motions of life, believing the thoughts that enter our mind out of pure habit - I don't have the answers. I don't know what I want. I can't do that. I can't achieve success like that other person. Life is just so hard for me.

What if, instead, you believed that you had the answers?

And in those moments, when you still aren't sure, what if you knew the answers would come - if you just opened your heart to them?

What if you believed that you could accomplish whatever you dreamt of - and that vision came to YOU because you were meant to breathe life into it?

What if you knew that life wasn't meant to be hard, and could actually be full of ease and grace, if you just chose it?

If you're still rolling your eyes, buying into the belief that it couldn't possibly be that easy... what if, just for the next 30 days, you started to lead first with your curiosity, and in that space of curiosity, see what happens.

See what happens if you...

...started to question the stories that automatically pop in your head

...started to throw away the beliefs that don't feel right anymore

...started believing, whole-heartedly, in your strength of your own soul

...knew, really, really, knew, that you are always being guided towards what will further your own growth and expansion

Try it on for size. Just for the 30 days (although, I hope longer than that) Don't just read the words and think to yourself, "That sounds really nice, but it won't work for me."

It's time to take what you know in your mind, and feel it in your body.

That's where your power is.

How does that feel, for you? I'd love for you to leave a comment and tell me one belief or story you're ready to stop giving power to - there's something that shifts even in the process of calling it out and I'd love to hold space for you to do that.


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