Kick Start: Disconnect to Reconnect

Are you caught up in the trap of busy? Jaw clenched, brows furrowed, white-knuckling your way along?  Are you here, right now, or has your mind wandered off to somewhere else? Are you future-tripping about the possibility of falling behind? Worried about failure or not measuring up? Maybe you're beating yourself up over how much you haven't accomplished?

We celebrate the momentum of busyness, full schedules, constant motivation, and smashing goal after goal but we forget to revel in the space between it all. The spaciousness where we come back to ourselves, where we can breathe that much deeper, and think that much clearer.

It's in that space where we remember our why behind what we do and how we show up in the world. The stretch of calm where we become totally in sync with the flow of life. The zone where inspiration stirs, cracks, and explodes.

The point of this post? To give you permission to slow down.

To refuel.



To listen to the cycles of your body - it's so much wiser than our minds.

While the seduction of busy is alluring, it's the space between that's satisfyingly juicy. (Click to tweet!)

If you're subscribed to my newsletter, you already know that I packed up my bags, grabbed my passport, and took off to the mountains - solo.

I've heard the call - and I'm listening. I knew deep in my heart that I needed to take time to retreat, ground myself into nature, and connect to my soul. I've left the expectations at the door, and I'm standing, arms (and heart) open, ready for what's in store, trusting that I'll be guided and supported along the way.

Are you hearing the call too?

I'm here, cheering you on.


While I'll be offline over the next few days, I've scheduled another post coming your way later this week. I hope you enjoy the gift I made for you! The words are taken from a previous post from last year, after I escaped into the wilderness and refreshed my spirit - because sometimes, you need to run away to the mountains.

Can't wait to chat once I'm back! x 


As always, if this resonated with you, I'd be so appreciative if you shared it with your friends and spread the love x

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