DIY Belly Balm for a Happy Belly During Pregnancy

DIY Belly Balm for Pregnancy

Watching that baby belly grow and grow is one of the most incredible things you can witness. It's pure magic - having a little soul grow inside of you and watching your body transform before your eyes.

With that comes some 'unwanted' side effects too... mainly the itchy belly as your skin stretches and the possibility (or reality) of stretch marks.

There are countless products ready to be sold to you that claim to soothe and prevent stretch marks... but do they come at a cost? Countless chemicals and toxins are found in the beauty products we use every day and since about 90% of everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream, choosing products that actually benefit our health is more important than ever.

Lucky for you going no-tox and creating your own belly balm is easier than ever! (And this is coming from a total non-DIY savvy gal)

This little recipe is full of fantastic ingredients that help moisturize, protect, and nourish the skin. It’s a great lotion to rub on your belly… or anywhere else.

In fact, you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy this balm! All of the oils in this recipe are extremely anti-aging, squash inflammation, promote cellular regeneration (see ya later, fine lines, wrinkles, and spots!), banish bacteria and fungus, soothe sensitivity, hydrate, tighten, tone, and so much more. Plus, they’ll add zero toxins to your life! Win-win-win.

Before you go oiling yourself up, just a heads up:  You always want to ensure that you’re using absolutely pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Which means oils that are grown sustainably in their indigenous habitat, and each batch is rigorously tested by multiple 3rd party labs for absolute purity. Quality makes a huge difference and the last thing you want to do is add toxins to your body when you think you’re detoxing... that's the worst kind of health-washing. If you need any guidance in this area, send me a message and I’d be happy to help.

Hello happy, radiant, glowing skin! 





(Melt together on the stovetop - let it cool before adding essential oils since heat can break down the molecules in the oils)

10 drops each of the following oils:


The King of Oils, Frank is the skin’s bff. It’s regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, hydrating, tightens and firms, balances pH, fades fine lines, wrinkles, scars, spots and stretch marks, and soothes irritations. If you don't already have this bad boy in your skin care toolkit, what are you waiting for?

Frankincense is also known as the oil of truth and invites us to let go of lower vibrations and create new perspectives - connecting us with our inner light.


Known as The Oil of Mother Earth - this gem has been used since forever as well. It’s regenerative, high in antioxidants, antimicrobial, hydrating, soothes irritations, firming, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 

On a spiritual level, this oil helps us feel safe in the world so we can trust in the goodness of life. It's a beautiful oil to use when connecting with your baby.


Used for its skin beautifying properties since the Egyptians, Geranium is a feminine gorgeous-smelling way to nourish your skin and bring out that inner glow. It’s high in antioxidants, astringent (firms and tones), shrinks pores, balances sebum production, fades spots and stretch marks. Geranium is known as the oil of love and trust and offers incredible emotional healing, allowing our hearts to open wider and let more love in (and out). 


It's not called 'the swiss army knife' of oils for nothing. Lavender is well known for its calming properties (hey there, restorative sleep) but many people don’t realize that it’s incredible for skin health. It’s anti-inflammatory, hydrating, regenerative, antimicrobial, soothes irritations, and is high in antioxidants.


This beauty contains special properties that make it an antioxidant, an antibacterial, an antifungal and an anti-inflammatory! It can be used in dozens of different ways to boost health and ward off disease - it's also phenomenal for your skin. It’s regenerative (reduces fine lines, wrinkles, spots + discoloration), hydrating, soothes irritations, and protects against sun damage.

The cool thing with all of these oils are that their therapeutic benefits are so vast - which means even though this recipe is primarily to love up on that beautiful belly, your health will be reaping the benefits in so many other ways as well.

Because Mother Nature is cool like that ;) 

Final steps: add your oils and shea butter/ coconut oil mix to a glass jar, stirring every so often until it hardens. And that's it! This feels soooo luxurious when applying it on your skin - prepare to radiate! 

Want more info on essential oils? Head here to learn more.

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