Whatever You're Feeling? It's okay.

When you're seeking to live a spiritually rich life, there's this idea that often comes to mind. It's the idea that we must, at all times, look to the light and see the positive, chasing after the elusive "Good Girl" title. Today, I'm calling bullshit on that way of thinking..

What happens when we try to shove ourselves into a particular box where we must hit specific criteria, tick off certain boxes, and live up to insanely high standards, is that we actually start to suffocate who we are. Instead of feeling our pain and embodying our darkness, we, little by little, convince ourselves that we're bad or not good enough.

We continuously try to cover up what's 'bad' and believe that we need to fix or improve ourselves.

We run the rat race of perfection, driving us further and further away from our wholeness.

We pursue this idea that drives us further away from what we actually want, resulting in a complete lack of clarity and total burn-out.

We convince ourselves that since we're inherently bad so we probably should say more affirmations, meditate more often, attend more yoga classes, do more, be more, and try harder.

A couple weeks back, I posted this on my Facebook page:

If you really knew me, you'd know that... I'm really good at pushing away negative or uncomfortable emotions and reaching for a smile instead. Like the feeling of tears bubbling up inside of you, wanting (needing) to be released... but sometimes it's easier to just shove that shit down and carry on.

This way of being is straight up toxic. Emotionally, physically, spiritually.

What I found from pushing away and resisting my emotions, is that more and more opportunities would rise up so that I would have to face them. I'd become easily annoyed, get into a fight with my partner, something would fall apart at work, my inner critic would shine a spotlight down even brighter, you name it.

You can't run away from your darkness, it's time to bring it into the light. To unconditionally love and accept your shadow, too. To be courageous enough to be vulnerable and get curious about what's really going on. To be open enough to transform.

I want you to know that whatever it is that you're feeling, as uncomfortable as it might feel, it's okay for you to feel that too. You have full permission to express your vulnerability freely. To release whatever it needing to be released. To embrace your humanness.

Make space for fear. Make space for anger. Make space for sorrow and grief. Make space to feel however it is that you're feeling.

It's okay to JUST BE with what's coming up for you. To welcome it into your body, to feel the way it feels in your stomach, your head, your heart. To actually LET the weight of it press down on you - as scary as that feels.

It will not bend, crush, or break you. I promise you that.

On the other side of feeling - whatever it is that you're feeling - is the freedom of releasing yourself from anger, sadness, grief, and whatever else might be keeping you locked up emotionally.

You are worthy of fully expressing yourself.
You are worthy of honouring your needs.
You are worthy of saying yes to anything that brings you closer to your truth.

Let's get honest: What have you been avoiding or pushing away for far too long? What's bubbling up inside of you, waiting to be released? 

And if you know of anyone who would enjoy these words, any and all shares are greatly appreciated. Big love your way x 


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