Revelations Of My Why

Whenever I soften my breath, breathing deep into my belly, and consciously shift my presence from my head to my heart, I can feel it.

There's something shifting in the air for so many of us right now. I hear it in coaching conversations, in deep chats within my circle, and as a whole, we're feeling a pull of energy towards something greater, something different in our lives.

There's a yearning to express ourselves authentically, to live in alignment with what we believe in, and show up from a place that's empowered, confident, and free.

We're shining a light on the parts of ourselves that maybe felt a little too uncomfortable to face before. We're seeing the pieces we've hidden away from the world, but know now, just how much the world actually needs it. There's no more holding back or hiding out. There's only the deep knowing that you're ready to rise up.

When and how... these aren't the questions to ask.

It's about why.

The why behind what we do. The driving force behind how we show up each and every day.

Living from this space means doing the work, feeling the fear and transforming your relationship with it, aligning with your integrity, living authentically, and hustling with heart because you believe so deeply in your vision.


Over the past two years, I've felt like I've been in the thick of my own transformation. There have been moments where I've felt overwhelmed by just how much there's been to process, to let go of, to accept. Moments when I wished that time could just stand still for one second so I could catch my breath. 

I had always envisioned myself falling pregnant and sharing so openly about my pregnancy and my experiences, and when I felt the complete opposite, it caught me off guard. Everything was telling me to go within. I pulled back, had less energy to expend out there, and retreated. It was an incredible, life-changing, most miraculous, and also, deeply personal experience of my entire life.

Since falling pregnant, giving birth, and going through the journey of motherhood over the past 15+ months, I've changed.

Sometimes I resisted that change and struggled to grasp what my new identity was.

Some days I hardly recognized myself. Other days, I felt more aligned than I ever have before. There's been so much clarity, and yet - so much that felt foggy and uncertain.

I've asked myself, "Who am I, now that I am no longer who I was before?"

It's felt like my entire identity was stripped away as I went through what felt like rapid transformation squeezed into such a short period of time - a sure sign of my Saturn return, no? 

Like all of us, I'm being called to stretch, expand, and awaken to my true essence. To live my truth and embody the most honest, authentic version of myself.


Living consciously means letting my vision - what I want to create, how I want to feel, the ways I want to leave my mark on the world - lead the way. 

It's believing whole-heartedly in my why.

It's showing up, even when it's tough.

It's the deep-seated belief that when we do the work, trust in the process, and let go of expectations and control, that we'll be met with more than we could ever think up for ourselves.

These are the revelations of my why. The thoughts of someone who knows in her heart that we're all destined for greater things, to live a little larger, if we simply show up to the task.

Think about the vision you're creating... where are currently in alignment? What's asking to be let go of? It's time to show up authentically, own your part, and start creating consciously.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments... tell me, how will you start showing up in your life with more presence? 


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