Flipping Competition on its Head

Each one of us profoundly unique - we all have our own stories, visions, and ways of being and doing. There is only one you - and your special brand of magic? Deserves to be shared in the world. Anything less and you're not only doing yourself an injustice, but everyone around you.

Every now and then, our gaze drifts 'out there'.

We fall down the trap of comparison and drive ourselves a little crazy in the process. We stifle our own potential and truth with thoughts and ideas of what we should do, how we should show up, and how we need to do it better.

Lately I've noticed this 'every women for herself' mentality: the mindset centered around the idea that you need to go it alone in order to be successful and the people around you (or in your field) should be viewed as competition.

What would happen if we flipped that mindset on its head?

Competition creates a barrier between us, limiting connection. Without connection, we feel isolated and alone.

Humans are wired for connection: it's a way that we can support each other, lift each other up, grow, heal, and learn. It enhances our lives in an insurmountable  amount of ways.

Rather than choosing competition, how would life be different if instead you reached for collaboration?

Let's lift each other up rather than tear each other down. (Tweet this!) 

Share and spread the word - because there is enough to go around.

Create a community of like-minded souls who embrace each other with open arms.

Do everything you can to engage with like-minded women and build lasting, authentic, supportive, generous relationships with them. Life flows when we reach out. We're inspired. We grow. We heal. We learn about each other and even more about ourselves.

When you see Life from a collaborative view, you send out a message to the world that you value yourself just as much as the people around you. We stand together, arm-in-arm, and say, "I am worthy of my desires, and so are you." (Tweet this!) 

I'd love to challenge you this week to reach out to someone (maybe someone you've been admiring for some time) - ask for help, spread the love, share some encouragement, congratulate them on their awesomeness. See what happens.

Over to you: how do you react when 'comparisonitis' comes up? How does it make you feel? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one! x

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