How I Transformed my Self-Care Practice

It's no secret that I'm a fan of radical self-love, living intentionally, and pushing myself to show up with mega PRESENCE in my life. 

I often find myself thinking about ways that I can align myself deeper and deeper with what I really want. Some days finding that alignment feels harder than other days, sometimes fear shows up a little louder, or I feel a little more foggy. Life, you know? 

It's so damn easy to forget. To forget to come back to OURSELVES. To put ourselves at the top of our priority list. We're running around in a busy, busy world - we're so plugged in all the time. We're juggling about 532523 different hats... and that can take a toll on our nervous systems.

There have been moments where I've felt so exhausted, emotionally and physically, that I had nothing left to give. Moments where I *had* to show up, but I was scraping the bottom of the barrel just to muster up enough energy to push through. I'm not going lie, it's a shitty place to be in when all you want to do is close out the world and hide under the covers for a little while. 

THAT'S why self-care is so essential. 

Please let me be clear: taking care of yourself ISN'T selfish - far from it. When you get really frickin' serious about your self-care, everything else flows more effortlessly. You're able to GIVE more. 

To your relationships.
Your family.
Your friends.
To making new connections.
To your business.
To the goals you want to smash before the year is up. 

You find that where you were once scraping the barrel, it's now overflowing.

What excuse are you currently telling yourself about why you can't start or deepen your self-care practice? 

Because I know there's a least one excuse hiding in you.

Don't stifle your light before it even has a chance to shine.


When you shine a light on the ways you've been holding yourself back, there's no way to un-see what you've discovered.

You're then faced with two choices: stay where you are or transcend it.

Our human minds like to overcomplicate things which leads to overwhelm and procrastination. When something feels so BIG - like say, changing how you live your life (no big deal, right?) - we tend to put it off, or find something else to fill the space.

Creating the kind of change you want to see takes small steps. Little by little, you're becoming more and more aligned with what your soul wants. 

I started to do those small things. I didn't change my entire morning routine or cut anything out of my life entirely, I made sure to show myself a little more love in even the smallest ways possible.

Asking for what I needed. Taking 20 minutes to read a book. Meditating in the sunshine.

But the one thing that really took my self-care practice to another level was using essential oils in my every day life. It might sound a little out there because when I used to think of essential oils, I thought of how yummy they smelled, completely unaware of their therapeutic benefits on our health, or the way they can shift our mood, and deepen our connection to ourselves - and nature.

That's what they are - a little Mama Nature in a bottle. When you have the purest and most potent essential oils, your body vibrates at the same frequencies as the oils you're drawn to. That kind of connection transforms all areas of your life.

A little citrus to uplift and invigorate. Something a little more woodsy to get out of your head and into your body. An oil that helps you connect back to your intuition, to align you with your truth, to open your heart. 

I've seen essential oils transform my health, my moods, and my spiritual practice. It's deepened the connection that I have with myself. They give me the space to reflect on what I want and need... it's incredible, really.

What I've witnessed in my own life, I want for you. That's why I'm hosting a free workshop on how to uplevel your life using essential oils, and I'd love for you to join. Register below to hold your spot! 

TELL ME: if there's one thing you could transform about your health and wellness, what would it be? 

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