Finding Freedom in Discipline

I've got a confession: for years (as long as I can remember, really), I've been running away from discipline. It's been all about sprinting towards freedom. Running wild, wind in my hair, doing my own thing, paving my own, torn up and worn path, and resisting anything that warranted dare I say it.... a structure.

What can I say? It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Then I kept hearing this question pop up again and again in my mind:

How can YOU make your vision fully YOURS?

The truth? I resisted that too.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. My vision IS mine."

As time passed, it was clear that the question wanted to be heard. What's that saying "what you resist, persists."? Yeah, well, seems I couldn't flick that damn question away.

The beautiful thing is that when you create space for the answers to appear, they do - like lightning bolts of crystal-clear clarity - they open your eyes, and have you whispering, "How didn't I realize that before?"

I saw the areas in my life that I wasn't taking responsibility for. The moments when I chalked things up to fate or plastered them up on my vision board and thought, "Yep. That'll do it.". The times of desperation when I blamed somebody else for my feelings or circumstances. When I found myself relying on something outside of myself (the guy, that new job, moving to a new city, the shiny new product, you name it) to make me happy or fulfilled. Whenever my inner critic would pipe up and say, "You don't really think you can do this, can you?" 

The answers weren't always pretty and they weren't always what I wanted to hear - but they were the truth. If there's one thing I know for sure: getting closer to the truth always brings you closer to freedom.

I had to get really honest and real with myself. I had to reel it back in and see things in a different light. Flip it from the external to the internal. Take responsibility for my own feelings, actions, and circumstances. I had to take my power back.

Because if we truly believe that we are the creators of our lives (and I do), then we have to OWN it, hold ourselves accountable, and take INSPIRED action.

It all boils down to one shiny nugget that appeared before my eyes in the scribbles of my journal: There is freedom in discipline.

Go find it.

Do you struggle with setting up a structure? How can you take inspired action, today? Let me know in the comments x

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