How To Navigate Change With Ease

Do you feel like you're on the cusp of change? Like, there's a shift in energy swirling in the air and there you are, smack in the middle? Yeah, I'm feelin' it too.
I can quite put my finger on it, but it's as if I'm standing on the edge of a cliff side, waiting for the sign to jump off. It's this awkward space of the unknown, wondering what's to come and practising presence, being in this moment, fully.

If you're anything like me, that type of feeling - the wondering, the waiting, the unknown - gives you ants in your pants, sending you on a hunt for answers as impatience bubbles up to the surface, your mind unsettled and racing. Focusing on the task at hand? Distraction-city. Drifting to sleep at night? Damn near impossible.

Uncertainty and the unknown are a given when it comes to these periods of change and transformation, but there's one thing I do know: we have a choice in how we show up in the world. The in-between doesn't have to be full of stress and struggle, we can learn to approach change from a space of ease and grace.


When our focus is entirely outside of us, relying on the external world, and replaying all the what-ifs in our minds, we get knocked off our feet in a hurry. When we become grounded, connected and present to our internal world, we take our power back, and can use that beautiful energy for unwavering support.



Take your attention off of what's happening around you, and create a solid foundation that nourishes and supports you. Set aside time for practices that allow you to slow down and awaken awareness and presence. When we create a calm internal world, we become less reactive and enter into a space of flow, creating shifts in the world around you.


Without a doubt, the best thing we can do is go with flow. As they say, resistance is futile. 

Throw your expectations out the window, let go of the desire to control, and quit the struggle, it will only send your stress-levels through the roof. Instead, enter into a space of acceptance and practise trust, knowing that it's out of your hands and will unfold all in divine timing.

We don't need to know why or how - we need to trust that it's a done deal. (Tweet this!)


Releasing the need to figure it all out opens a forum to dig a little deeper and discover the hidden lessons behind what's happening - how are you showing up? How can you learn? How can you grow?

Tune in and allow guidance to come to you. Quick tip? Grab your journal, setting the intention for guidance, and ask for supportive wisdom as you sit with a specific challenge, question, or situation and see what comes up.

Even if you don't feel like you're being guided, trust that you will be. You might find it through a conversation, a hunch that you need to take a certain class or pick up a book, or you might stumble across a blog that gives you exactly what you need.

BONUS: With the new moon tomorrow, it's an ideal time to light a candle, break out your journal, and scribble down your intentions to set your heartfelt desires into motion by launching them into manifestation-mode! 

What changes are you moving through at the moment and what practices will you be putting into place that will nourish and support you? Shoot me a line in the comments, I'd love to hear all about it! x 

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