How To Open Your Heart

We all have an infinite amount of energy stored within us. This energy is your very birthright and it's completely unlimited. It's not defined by age or time, it doesn't get tired or need food. How incredible is that? And it's all yours. The only thing that it needs to shine is openness.

The only reason we don't feel this energy all the time is because we block it out. We close our hearts, our minds, and pull back into a restrictive space inside. Think about it - when somebody pays you a compliment, a sudden hit of inspiration strikes you, you're living it up on vacation, you're deeply in love, or you're just feeling clear, your heart expands. You can literally feel the energy running through your veins. On the contrary, you've just heard some bad news, life is just not going quite your way, you've had a falling out with a friend, your heart's been broken - your heart contracts. You can't think, you can't sleep, your chest feels tight, nothing is flowing. This happened because you closed down and the energy can't get in. This is what it means to be "blocked."

As we go through life, we're constantly opening and closing our hearts. Expansion and contraction.

Why does this happen? How can we control it? How can we stay "open"? It all depends on you.


Plain and simple? We're programmed to go through this process based on our past experiences. We've all been through our own set of challenges that may have created some inner fears (and insecurities) that have been stored and locked away. Our past experiences have left impressions on us that, when stimulated, push us into "defence" mode. When this happens, our heart closes as a way to protect ourselves.

These "triggers" could be anything, something as simple as a phrase, a certain scent, the way food tastes, seeing a certain car, a specific place. Anything that reminds you of that past occurrence that had a negative effect on you. (The same way that those things could also spark a memory that you're fond of, it goes both ways.)

Let's say you're at home cooking dinner, and as you're whipping up that mean stir fry, you're reminded that you and your ex use to make that meal together all the time. Suddenly, you feel lonely. Your mind begins to play into that. "What is wrong with me? I have so much love to give, I want to be in love, but I can't find anyone to share that with." And ultimately, "I'm never going to find someone, I'll always be lonely." Our minds have a way of being extremely melodramatic, don't you think? It all started out with making a nourishing meal for yourself, and suddenly you're going to be alone for the rest of your life.

Step one is to stop buying into the self-sabotage stories. Your mind is going to create the worst possible reality in your mind to keep you tucked away in a closed state of fear, worry, and what might seem like your "comfort zone." You are not your past. (Release it. Keep the past in the past.) Putting your guard up in an attempt to protect yourself only limits you. When these thoughts enter your mind, your initial reaction might be to focus and build on them (like in the story above), instead, choose to let them go. 


Just how good do you want to feel? 

How high do you want to get? 

How much love do you want to give? 

How much enthusiasm do you want to feel in what you do?

If living your best life means feeling enthusiasm, love, and joy all the time, then don't ever close up. Wear your heart on your sleeve, loud and proud, unafraid of what's going to come next, because guess what? It's all out of your control anyway. 

Defining what you want in order to stay open actually ends up limiting you. If you make a list about how the world has to be for you to be open, you're just limiting yourself to those conditions. Learn to feel that enthusiasm, love, and joy on the inside. When you do, what happens on the outside doesn't matter. Be open no matter what. Period.


Once you've decided to let go of your self-imposed restrictions, practice, practice, practice. Closing is a habit, and it's one you've got to break. If you pay attention, you'll notice that this happens regularly throughout the day. The more you stay open, the more energy will flow through you. And the only way to stay open, is to learn to never close.

A potential speaking gig that's got you feeling like a ball of nerves? Power through, shaky voice and all, smash through your fears.

Your partner said something that gets right under your skin, your instinct is to close up, get defensive, and fire back with your usual witty remark. Stop. Instead of getting sucked into the argument and negativity, think about why what was said affected you so much. Why did that hurt? Why am I getting so defensive?

Whenever you feel great love and enthusiasm, think to yourself, "Why can't I feel this way all the time?" Notice the shift that happens when you stop feeling that way. You're no longer open because you chose to close. Depending on how closed you are defines how easy or hard it will be to open up again. Once you've put in the inner work, you'll find that unlimited energy will flow effortlessly through you, and instead of that fleeting feeling of inspiration and joy, it will remain a constant in each and every moment.

Choose openness. Choose expansion. Always. Nothing is worth closing your heart over.

A little Q&A for you, my loves! Think back to a time when you've felt "blocked", how did you snap yourself out of it and open yourself up again? We've all been there! I'd love for you to share. 

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