Live Life On Your Terms: With Amy Mackenzie

Without a doubt, I absolutely LOVE meeting new friends online - finding like-minded souls who just get you, you know? Amy Mackenzie of Designing Her Life is absolutely no exception. When I first came across Amy's work, it was crystal clear - this girl is a total sweetheart.

Amy's all about big dreams, deep soulful chats, and amplifying our inspirations - you can tell why I'm totally digging her vibe, right? Her story is nothing short of inspiring - she's faced serious challenges on all fronts - physical, emotional, and spiritual. She's proven by example through the challenges she's come face to face with and the obstacles she has worked to overcome - that change is possible. For everyone.

Her mission? Supporting heart-centred coaches, spirited leaders and big dreaming entrepreneurs who are making a big beautiful, inspired mark on the world.

Get comfy and settle in, friends! You're in for a treat.

Tell us more about you: who are you and what are you all about? (Your story, your truth)

I am a Life Coach + Cheerleader + Biz Bestie for Female Entrepreneurs. The Dreamers. Believers. Doers. Thought Leaders. Spirit Seekers and Life Lovers who are making a big beautiful, inspired mark on the world. As a coach, I support, encourage and cheer women on every step of the way. Holding the time and space for them to take care of themselves, to work through old limiting thoughts and beliefs, face + conquer their fears that are holding them back, to practice gratitude and self love while building the lifestyle and business of their dreams.

I dream of creating a world where we all love ourselves, our work and everything about our life. A world in which we are unapologetically ourselves and feel inspired on a daily basis. A world where we design a life we love.

The story of how I came to this point in my life is a deep + emotional one but the shorter version is that after a childhood of lessons + growing up a little too quickly to then the beginning of my adult life having an accident that resulted in me living with chronic pain syndrome, I had to do some serious soul searching + mindset shifting to come back to the person I want to be.
It has been a long + bumpy road but I am forever grateful for it all because I love deeper, appreciate more and dream bigger because of it.

I have a deep sense of wanderlust and desire to change the world.
I am so passionate about connecting women and making the most of this life.
I believe in the universe and am drawn to the stars + the moon.
I crave adventure + freedom.
I wear my heart on my sleeve and am a hugger.
A soulful conversation over a healthy, delicious meal is heaven on earth to me.

What does living life on your own terms mean to you?

It means making decisions based on what feels right for you.
Asking questions, challenging the status quo and being brave enough to change things if you realise they aren't aligning with the life you want for yourself. Living life on your own terms means you are prepared to make your own rules and dance to the beat of your own drum.

Share with us a personal challenge that you’ve had to overcome and what limiting beliefs you had to break down along the way.

One of the biggest personal challenges I've had to overcome is learning how to live my best life with chronic pain syndrome. Which for me meant completely retraining my brain + rebuilding my thought patterns + beliefs. It also meant redefining what my best life looked + felt like to me. I battled with severe depression + anxiety for years while struggling to come to terms with the pain + changes I needed to make. I had to break the belief that I could never live a happy life with pain, that all my dreams could no longer come true and that this was all something just happening to me, believing it was out of my control. Once I started to take ownership + responsibility for the part that I played in it all + focused on the things that were in my control, everything changed. I truly believe that when we change our thoughts we can change our world.

When life gets hectic and overwhelming, what do you do to feel more grounded and balanced?

This is a forever evolving process for me. I am a high energy person and am still learning how to harness that energy to avoid burnout. I actually thrive off of chaos + excitement but this takes a huge energetic toll on me over long periods of time.
I am currently working through this very thing at the moment both in my life + biz.
To help me feel more grounded + at flow (I prefer to aim for a flow between different areas in my life as balance makes me feel like everything has to be exactly even and I think that a lot of the time that is unattainable), I am creating new boundaries for myself, which includes scheduling things in by making use of my diary, having an automatic email responder set up and saying no or not right now to more.
I also am trying to get outside more whether that is for a walk or just stepping out the back of my house for 5 minutes to take in the beauty of the sky (nighttime is my fave) and focus on my breathing to come back into my heart and away from my head, which always grounds me quite quickly. This is something that I've always used to help when I feel my anxiety rising too.
I am also wanting to try a meditation class + start practicing a slow style yoga too.

When it comes to creating change in your life, what does putting it into action look like for you? (And how do you handle when/ if resistance pops up?)

Great question! In the past I've been someone who either did something 150% or not at all. Perfectionism used to get in my way. Now I try to take regular, consistent steps of inspired action towards where I want to be. The beautiful Rachel MacDonald, creator of BEBH once said to me 'Progress over Perfection' and so I am always reminding myself of this when I feel the resistance, which for me shows up in the form of procrastination, popping up. Also, as cliché as this may sound, I work with a coach, I have both a life + business coach and having that support system helps me to continually move through whatever is coming up for me and create the changes I am dreaming of.

What are the top two nuggets of wisdom or advice you would give to someone?

The key to truly loving yourself, is finding a way to do that even before you are the person you want to be. Striving for more + wanting better for yourself are great things but not if they come at the expense of loving who you are right now, in this moment.

Celebrate yourself. Be proud of all you are and all you have achieved.
Give yourself the acknowledgment + credit you deserve. You don't have to wait to hear it from someone else, you can actually give yourself the beautiful validation you desire. Deep down you know your strengths + intentions better than anyone, you just have to listen. Screw being humble, own your greatness darling.

What is one quote that really resonates with you, or that you choose to live life by?

This quote for me is a reminder that my life is mine for the making (and taking) it is up to me how I choose to live and at any time I can change it too, that really excites me!
“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.” ~ Scott Fitzgerald


I can’t go a day without… coffee, which is crazy because a couple of years ago I hated it, now I love everything about it haha.
Following the trail of my curiosities means… constantly pushing through my comfort zone + listening to my intuition.
When I feel fear… I use it to drive me forward, fear is actually fuel for my souls desires.
I feel joyful when… my clients see their own greatness + say they're proud of themselves, that brings a crazy amount of joy for me.
I’m most grateful for… ooh this ones hard, I truly feel gratitude on so many levels for so many different things but I would have to say I am most grateful for this moment right now and every now that I get to experience.

Want to know more?

I have a few exciting new projects in the works for heart centred entreprenurs who are craving more connection + sisterhood in their lives + business, including group coaching in the form of mini mastermind series which are available now and a membership style community currently in creation with my biz bestie, Laura Banks. You can email me to find out more about joining one of my mini masterminds and what they include via xoxo 

Amy Mackenzie is a Life Coach + Cheerleader + Biz Bestie for Heart Centredcoaches, Spirited Leaders and Big Dreaming Entrepreneurs who are making a big beautiful, inspired mark on the world. Amy brings passion-fuelled women together to dive into their hearts desires and design a life and business they love. She uses her experience to inspire and motivate women, to explore a more fulfilled, soulful and inspired lifestyle and business. Her heart dances between her business, travelling the world, soulful conversations and making memories with her loved ones. You can join the beautiful and ever growing DHL community over at or be inspired socially on the DHL Facebook page or Instagram account @designingherlife.

Let's show Amy some love in the comments! Share some of the key takeaways that really resonated with you - and as always, shares are much appreciated xo


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