Live Life On Your Terms: with Elizabeth McKenzie

When I think about living life on your terms, and, more specifically, doing business your own way, Elizabeth McKenzie immediately comes to mind. 

In her own words, business is like dating. No one wants to go on a date with a sweaty-palmed, pizza-faced, voice-hasn’t-broken-yet, nervous wreck. 

We want to date the guy or gal who’ll charm the pants off us.

Elizabeth is an absolute wizard with words whose special brand of magic is creating compelling words that help you stand out from the crowd, while stepping away from what's standard. Trading in boring for a shit ton of fun.

Want to up your game in your business? Keen to get to know and be wildly inspired by someone who is truly owning what they're really freaking amazing at? It goes without saying... but I can't wait for you to dive into Elizabeth's words.

Tell us more about you: who are you and what are you all about? (Your story, your truth)

I’m Elizabeth, the Word Rebel (self-proclaimed of course) and I’m a writer. I make money from my words. By writing my own, teaching others how to write, and writing words for entrepreneurs who hate writing. 

I’m all about your truth, your thoughts, your spark, your desires, your big ass life purpose. But I’m here to take it, and translate that pesky unexplainable feeling you have deep inside and turn it into a message, a movement, a mission, money, and words worth listening to. 

Everyone has a message deep inside, but to articulate the little fucker is hard work. That’s where I come in. 

At the heart of everything I do, I want to make people smile so much they make a weird noise, somewhere between a laugh and a snort, and if they’re drinking when they read my words, to almost spit it out.

I’m here to entertain, and if you learn something too, that’s a bonus. Because you can google every How To Guide on Earth. But to be entertained? That takes skill!

Truthfully, I want to make a guest appearance on The Mindy Project. And for Mindy to become my best friend.

What does living life on your own terms mean to you?

Having the balls to say what you really want. Having the balls to make the first move towards getting what you really want. 

We’re so scared to claim it and own it. We’re so scared to put ourselves out there. 

But that’s when you get everything you want. 

You want that guy? Ask him out. 

You want to get a new client today? Call one. 

You want to run a marathon? Buy new runners.

It’s all pretty simple, the scariest thing? Admitting what you want, because like, what if you don’t get it? 

Trust me, you’ll always get what you want.

Share with us a personal challenge that you’ve had to overcome and what limiting beliefs you had to break down along the way.

I had this limiting belief that I was too fat to be loved by the guy who chose to love me. Aka my man. It was crazy person shit. I mean he loved me. I couldn’t control that at all. He loved me as I was. What I saw was my fat ass self. I’d put on weight and naturally related that to not be loveable. So I’d not believe him when he told me. 

So in between work, I’d sit there and analyse why he loved me when clearly I’m too fat to be loved.

Seriously crazy stuff right? The funny thing was I knew it was crazy. I’d even say to myself: Okay crazy, let’s obsess about this for 5 minutes, and then I don’t have time for you. 

So how’d I cure myself of this (because I have!!)? I got kinesiology. I go every 6-8 weeks. We had a session around this and figured out the not enough voice wasn’t mine. Woo woo AF right? I was picking up on some psychic stuff. We cleared it and I’ve never had an not enough thought again. 

When life gets hectic and overwhelming, what do you do to feel more grounded and balanced?

Move my body. The reason life gets hectic and overwhelming is because I stopped working out because I convinced myself I’m like saaaahhhh busy. But as soon as I get back to seeing my personal trainer, and I move my body in all the ways, I’m balanced, grounded and centred. 

Also, it sucks to say this, but less coffee.

It’s all physiological this stuff. 

When it comes to creating change in your life, what does putting it into action look like for you? (And how do you handle when/ if resistance pops up?)

I’m so gung ho about taking action. I’ll go all in, all day if it’s something I truly want. I’ll get an idea that makes my heart sing and I’ll have written the sales page in 90 minutes, it’s go time!

I get high off the thrill of taking those first few steps and creating something from scratch. It’s healthier than pot, that’s for sure. 

Resistance pops up in the follow through because that’s when the real work starts. That’s when you start to see results, when things start to cement themselves. And I want to bail. I pretty much ask myself: what’s up with X today? And I talk through it like I’m in couples counselling to figure out where the resistance is and what we need to do to move past it.

It’s super weird when you do it alone while walking the dogs, but hey, I’ve had the best conversations with myself and we’ve resolved so much from just chatting it out. 

What are the top two nuggets of wisdom or advice you would give to someone?

One: Grow a pair of balls and start expressing your opinion.

Two: You’re clear enough. You know your message deep down inside. What you need help with is articulating said message. 

What is one quote that really resonates with you, or that you choose to live life by?


I can’t go a day without…coffee.

Following the trail of my curiosities means…talking even if it’ll embarrass me.

When I feel fear… I know I’m onto a good thing. 

I feel joyful when…I’m making out. 

I’m most grateful for…getting paid to write words. 

Hey Yo! I'm Elizabeth + I’m a writer, messaging mentor + marketing expert.  All things words + communication are my jam. I make a full time living in my business all by using my words. I have a degree in marketing, media + communication and speech pathology. So when I say communication is my jam, I mean it.  I'm allergic to buzzwords, boring stories, wanky words, cooler-than-school copy, shark bait fear mongering marketing, and anything stock standard.

I'm all about DAT ASS... no wait, I'm all about you. Your quirks, your opinions, your thoughts, your stories. Your movement, your message. Your personality. It's time to start saying what you really want to say. Go ahead, stop filtering yourself. 

Write your business out of boring + start rolling in dollar dollar bills, yo!

Let's give Elizabeth some love in the comments.


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