Live Life On Your Terms: with Lara Heacock

There's nothing more inspiring than witnessing someone who is living their dream, walking their talk, stepping up BIG in their life, and changing the world along the way. Someone I can relate to, someone I can learn from, and connect with. 

Combine that with diving deep, talking truth, and sharing the love? Hell yeah! One big shot of inspiration straight to the soul.

Let's get to the good stuff: It's with great pleasure that I kick off my interview series Live Life On Your Terms today - a weekly space for me to share with you incredible women who are currently blowing my mind & inspiring me endlessly.

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I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Lara Heacock from Kind Over Matter. This woman has a heart of gold and is helping others find their own inner light so they too can better serve the world, feel like they're enough, and feel fully engaged with life.

Lara radiates love and wraps you up in kindness. Her authenticity and passion for life is so infectious that you can't help but love her. I know you'll love reading what she has to say as much as I did! Enjoy :) 

Tell us more about you: who are you and what are you all about? (Your story, your truth)

Who am I?  I am an only child, a wife, a friend, a Coach, writer, speaker, lover, woman, a student and a teacher.  I am someone who doesn't like to not know what she's doing, and someone who has become more comfortable with uncertainty these days.  I built a life around being the 'smart one' and making sure everything looked great on the outside. I was the image of successful (married, great job, great salary, nice car & lots of stuff) and I was disconnected and constantly waiting to escape my life.  Fast forward a few years, and I'm living a life from which I don't need a vacation.  I worry less about how things look, and focus a whole lot on how they feel.  My marriage is stronger and I'm following my passion.  These days, when I travel, it's for fun, not for escape.  

What does living life on your own terms mean to you?

Living life on my own terms means that I can do what I want, and so can you.  You make your choices, and I make mine.  It means recognizing that my choices are mine, they're not for anyone else.  It means having the confidence to do things that don't always make people happy and to trust myself enough to navigate those situations with self-kindness.  

Share with us a personal challenge that you’ve had to overcome and what limiting beliefs you had to break down along the way.

I tend to have some difficulty stepping into new identities.  When I first started identifying as a Coach, I clearly remember the discomfort - total Impostor Syndrome.  For me, I had to stay with myself, meaning not judge the discomfort, and not let it stop me.  I kept going and now fully own that identity.  I'm working on doing the same with being an entrepreneur!  

When life gets hectic and overwhelming, what do you do to feel more grounded and balanced?

If my situation allows, my favorite way to reconnect is a massage.  I am not kidding when I tell you that I have the best business ideas laying on a massage table.  My brain finally quiets enough to let the creativity flow.  If that's not an option, I know that when I'm feeling unbalanced, I need to do something for me.  That may mean some writing time, a walk with a friend or just a day with no obligations.  

When it comes to creating change in your life, what does putting it into action look like for you? (And how do you handle when/ if resistance pops up?)

One of the strongest beliefs I have is that change must happen in baby steps to be successful.  As someone who would LOVE to wave a magic wand or hit fast forward, this is a place where I need to remember to take my own advice.  When I notice resistance, I focus on progress.  How far have I come in the last week, month, year?  This helps me recognize that change is happening, and look for the next baby step. 

What are the top two nuggets of wisdom or advice you would give to someone?

1 - As I mentioned above, focus on 1 small shift.  What's 1 tiny step you can take today?  Making things too big is a recipe for failure.  Start small and create lasting change.

2 - Put yourself on your schedule.  I have a lot of external obligations in life right now, and I'm relearning an old lesson - if I don't carve out time for myself, I get overwhelmed, frustrated and cranky.  Even if it's an hour a week, get yourself some non-negotiable time to decompress, relax and reconnect.

What is one quote that really resonates with you, or that you choose to live life by?

You cannot pour from an empty cup.  


I CAN'T GO A DAY WITHOUT... Snuggling my old, orange tabby cat...even though he's not a snuggly kitty!

FOLLOWING THE TRAIL OF MY CURIOSITIES MEANS... I'm in a good place.  When I'm following curiosity, I'm grounded and not falling into judgment. 

WHEN I FEEL FEAR... I freeze.  I don't fight or flea, I freeze...and then I realize what's happening and take a breath.

I FEEL JOYFUL WHEN... I am with the ocean. 

I'M MOST GRATEFUL FOR... my open-mindedness.  I want to be a life-long learner, and you can't do that with a closed mind. 


Lara currently has two project in-the-works:
1 is a Mastermind Playbook course, that I'm co-creating with 2 other amazing coaches. We've all been through several failed masterminds, and have been working together successfully for over a year. We're creating a course that shares all of the secrets to our success, hopefully to be released in late 2016.

The 2nd is a book!  That's another one of those big things that's scary to say out loud, but it's happening. In 2014, I did a #365DaysofKind project, and I'm writing a memoir reflecting on what I learned by doing 1 kind act every day, and how the project completely changed my life.  I started the project wanting everyone to like me, and a year later, liked myself.  My goal is to have that available at the end of 2017.
Stay tuned!

Lara Heacock is a Certified Life Coach specializing in confidence and balance.  She helps her clients live a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside... because life gets better when you're kind to yourself.  

You can find online at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest as KindOverMatter.

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