It's Not About The Dream


There's constant buzz about getting to where we're going, but let me bring forth a different way of thinking: it's not about the destination. It's not even about the DREAM. It's about PROGRESS. Forward motion. Taking one step at a time.

That's where inspiration lives, and that's what keeps your fire blazing. 

It's time to let go of the pressure weighing on your mind, the overwhelm that clouds your thoughts, and let the weights lift from your shoulders. It's time to acknowledge the progress you're making.

Embrace the beginner mindset

The trip up? Comparing yourself to the people around you and getting caught up in the Story that "somebody else will always know more than me" or "somebody else will always do a better job than me."

That right there? It's a Story you're telling yourself so that ultimately, you can continue to play small. It's time for you to start showing up.

Embody a child-like wonder and hand yourself completely over to the process - of learning, being of service, diving deep into your craft. A beginner's mind isn't burdened by obligation, nothing is a "sure-thing", and there's so much to be uncovered. When it seems like our desires are so far out of our reach, we can become bogged down by overwhelm, resentment, feeling helpless, and like we'll never get there.

Make no mistake, even if you're an expert, magic happens when you embrace the beginner's mindset. Suddenly feeling like you already know everything there is to know is swapped out for "What can I learn today? How can I grow?"

It's rich territory to be in. It's a powerful place where your mind stays open, it's FUN, and you find the flow.

Allow yourself to be swept away and immerse yourself in the joy of PROGRESS.


Whisper to yourself, "I don't know what to do, but I'm here."

When you make the declaration that you are open and ready to receive, Life finds a way. Set clear intentions out into the world by making space for the muse to show up and inspiration will flow.

Immersing yourself in the beginner's mindset means allowing yourself to be vulnerable which can be a downright terrifying place to be. Be good to yourself. When the fear rises, know that growth is a constant process. If you want to keep growing, you have to be willing to be vulnerable, you have to be willing to walk through uncharted territory. 

Trust in the power of showing up and see where it will take you next.

INTENTION SETTING & CELEBRATION: I'd love for you to share one thing that you want to learn/ do/ create AND when you reflect back on how far you've come, what's ONE thing you'd like to celebrate and give yourself kudos for?

Declare it below in the comments xo


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