Kick Start: Seek & Find

Let's kick this week off with a punch, shall we? Week after week, we dive into soulful topics, the kind of stuff that hits straight to the heart. If there's one thing that's incredibly obvious, it's that we're craving the kind of lives that we really, truly love. We want to be closer to the very essence of who we are, we're yearning to expand our minds, to live a life beyond our limiting beliefs. We desire joy, adventure, spontaneity, connection, abundance, freedom, laughs-a-plenty...

It's within your reach. The only catch is that you have to do the work. You may know what your next steps are, you might have crystal clear clarity on your truth, but if you don't get your hands dirty? It means nothing.

This week, I've got something a bit different in store for you - a challenge.


To practice presence moment-to-moment.

What does this mean? Become more aware of your every day thoughts, actions, and feelings. The more we practice awareness, the more we become open to happiness, joy, and love.

Make the pledge to become open, tap into your curiosities, seek to learn more, take notice.

Swap limiting beliefs with a gentle mind.

In the moments where self-sabotage begins to creep in, from fear/ doubt/ self-criticism to guilt/ shame/ comparison, approach your thoughts from a place of compassion. Reassure your critical mind that it's all going to be okay. You will not fail. You are enough. And yes, you have everything that you need, right now.

If you fall off track, don't dwell on the story of what's happened, simply open your heart, shake it off, let go, and know that there is no perfect path, there is only your path.

When in doubt, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, and breathe.

Swap statements with questions.

Instead of I'm so bored with life, how about Could I be enthusiastic right now?

Instead of To be happy, I need to do _______, I need to have _______, I need to be ________, how about What can I do right now, with what I have to achieve my dreams? 

Instead of I don't feel the way I want to feel, I'm sad, lonely, and I don't know what to do, how about What can I do to feel happy? How can I shake off this negative energy? Who can I call? What music could I listen to? What will amp me up?

Swap reactive with responsive.

In the times where you feel frustration and anger kicking in, take a step back and view it from a different perspective. Let's say, somebody's ruffling your feathers - whether that's a one-on-one argument, a work conflict, a traffic jam, you name it - find the source of your anger, which is most likely something other than the trigger in front of you.

What's in you that's making you feel that way? Why are you getting so defensive? Remember, nobody can make you feel anything, only you can allow them to make you feel that way.


When we invite in radical perception shifts and make the effort to practice shifting our thoughts and attitudes day-to-day, our limiting beliefs lose their power, the grip loosens, and we can no longer be controlled by our fears.

As you approach each moment with a gentle, curious, responsive mind, I invite you to write down your experiences to really let them sink in and make an impact. Reflect on the change that's happening within you, take notice of the signs around you, and most of all, make the commitment to keep going.

TELL ME: Do you accept this challenge? I'd love for you to share your experiences, if you feel comfortable doing so! It's in these small steps where big change happens.


Share it, print it, save it as your new background, or simply read the words and take a big, deep breath. xx

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