Listening To Your Truth & Giving Yourself Permission

These words from Ram Dass are currently dancing in my head, "The spiritual journey is individual. Highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth."

It's all too easy to flick through social media and witness how everyone else is showing up in their lives, and make the direct comparison to our (unfiltered) version. We witness what their journey looks like and feel like we should be showing up a certain way. Dress a certain way, follow certain trends, raise our children a certain way, live according to a set of rules we think we "should" live by. While we're at it... we should probably be more spiritual, more vulnerable, share more, attend more workshops, do more work.

Our lives become so run by what we "should" do that when we stop to listen to what our truth is, we don't know what we actually want anymore.

I decided to start listening.

Making a conscious commitment to myself and honoring my needs has not always been the easy choice. It’s meant an extended break from blogging and being online, which came with a lot of guilt, doubt, and fear. Why? It’s my dream to connect, build a business online, and coach people around the world, and my mind kept running through the scenario that my dream would never be reality if I stepped away.

When I finally got quiet enough to listen to what was true for me - what my soul needed -  it was turning inward, reflecting in solitude, planting the seeds and patiently waiting for whatever needed to be birthed, to do so naturally, without force. I needed to give myself space, because that’s what felt authentic to me.

I could’ve pushed through, and to be honest, I have in the past. But would that have felt true to myself? No.


Truthfully, some of my fears did come true, and now, I’m here with you again. Not out of obligation, not out of fear, not because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, but because it feels incredible to be able to connect again. I’m here for the love of it.

I've come to realize that yes, our greatest fears can come true. The very worst of we thought could happen, might actually happen. But it's okay, because the fear - as terrifying as I made it up to be in my mind - wasn't actually that scary, and the alternative - forcing through and ignoring my intuition is a far worse reality.

Which brings me to these three questions:

1. What do you really need, right now?

2. How can you honor yourself, today?

3. What can you commit to moving forward?

Give yourself permission to go through life doing what feels right for you, however that looks. When we live a life dictated by "should's" and worst case scenarios, little by little, we hold ourselves hostage to our fear, and move further away from our own integrity.

It's exactly what Ram Dass said. The spiritual journey - which is to say our very lives - are individual and highly personal. Craft a journey that aligns with you, brings you excitement, joy, and a deep knowing that it's all yours.

LET'S CHAT: What one thing you'd like to shift in your life? Declare it, share it, & let's make it happen!

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