Recognizing Your Past vs Reliving It

Finding your true self. 
Diving deep within. 
Subtle nudges. 

At the beginning of the year, I hit the ground running, set my intentions, and a fire within was lit. Ideas flowed, energy poured, and I was set on uncovering what really makes me tick. As the year progressed, I fell deeper and deeper into "retreat" mode. A longing to go deeper, uncover more, and go further within.

I've been taking stock on how these past few months have unfolded for me - it's been about finding the sweet spot of what works for me - where I want to go, what I want to do, how I want to give.

While I still had these big ideas flowing around in my mind, I withdrew, and without allowing guilt to take over, I accepted that it was what I needed. I had preconceived ideas on what I thought I should be doing, but my body (and mind) wanted something different. I listened to the cues my body was sending me and went along for the ride. I learned to let my feelings guide me, I learned to trust my intuition, I practised stillness, and allowed myself to go inwards, rather than projecting outwards.

I don't have all the answers, and this process of discovery, learning, and healing isn't over. (Though - I don't necessarily think it ever will be and I fully embrace that.) But at the same time, the time spent soul-searching has been transformative and I want to share that, honestly and authentically.


Are you feeling like you've stepped off the right path, a little lost or misguided, like there's got to be something 'more' out there for you? Maybe you want to go next level with where you are in your life?

I've had moments of "How the hell did I end up here?!" when I've failed to check in and listen to my(true)self, and just went along with the motions, unconsciously. It can lead us astray, lost and unsure of which way to turn next.

To get back on track with our biggest desires, you've got to get crystal clear on what they are first. Ask yourself the probing questions: Who am I? How did I get to where I am? When do I feel the most happy/ fulfilled/ energized? What makes me tick? What do I want to discover? How can I add value? Where is my focus right now - where do I want it to be? Or as simple as: How does that make me feel?

The process can be uncomfortable, it can stir shit up, which might make you want to forget it completely and walk away. The feeling of resistance is a sign that you're on the path of discovery, on the verge of uncovering your truest desires. Accept it and push forward.


Our past experiences have shaped who we are, moulded our thoughts and opinions, and play a part in the steps we take in the future. Shoving your feelings to the wayside and not taking the time to process them can create built-up negativity that blocks our energy and unconsciously affects your life, preventing you from living to your full potential.

When we take the time to consciously check-in and ask ourselves the burning questions, often, the past gets stirred up. Going head-to-head with those past stories is tricky business because we resonate and associate ourselves with them so deeply. I mean - we were there. We lived it. That was us. 

Our stories are the path we walked down to get to WHERE we are, they are not WHO we are. They are simply what's happened to us. Understanding and making peace with your own unique story can aid in your own self-discovery, it can be an avenue to help and teach people, but we must DETACH ourselves from them. They no longer exist. They're ashes from the fire, carried away by the wind.

When we continuously replay our stories in our minds, we can submerge ourselves so deep in the past that suddenly we're at ground zero, experiencing and reliving those moments all over again, bringing negative feelings back to life.

We need to be daring enough to create space between who we are versus what happened to us.

LET'S GET REAL: Are you currently holding onto your stories? What do you think about detaching ourselves from what's happened in the past? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, love xx

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