The Energy of The Catalyst

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I'm sitting here on my couch, on a Friday night, and I'm called to type this to you right now. It wasn't planned, it wasn't pre-thought out... but I'm here. Please sit a little closer.

Can I be really honest with you? Launching The Catalyst has been interesting for me.

This has been a vision of mine for what feels like, forever. Actually, it has been a few years. This course has been on my heart since I was pregnant with my daughter, who turns 4 next week. It sat quietly on my mind, shelved for the days when I could finally dedicate the time, and slowly, but surely, began tapping away at my shoulder.

The Catalyst wanted my attention.

What I realized is that I was waiting for the right time. I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect, polished, and set-in-stone. But you see... The Catalyst has a very feminine energy.

It's that feminine energy that doesn't need to push, loathes definitions, and craves a whole lot of... spaciousness. It flows. It's intuitive. Gentle but fierce. Compassionate and rebellious. She's powerful, sure of herself, and knows what she wants... without needing a set-in-stone path to get there.

The more that I tap into this energy of what The Catalyst is here to do and who she's here to be, the more I get goosebumps. The more I download. The more I get clear on what we'll discover beyond the framework that makes up this course.

And, my friend, she wants you to know how safe it is to trust yourself.

Because you don't need to change, improve, or fix yourself. You don't need somebody else's 10-step list of what leads to success, and you sure as hell don't need extra pressure, more guilt, and piled on obligations.

What you need... is to be guided back to your heart.

And to know that has been and will always be your ultimate guide.

My god, I can't wait to explore this with you.

I announced a payment plan for The Catalyst membership today. I really wanted this to be an easy and whole-hearted 'YES' for you, so it’s pretty exciting for us to be able to share this news with you!

Of course, you can still pay in full if you’d like. The Catalyst Standard Membership is $297 CAD. But if it’s easier for you to join us via a payment plan, you can absolutely do that too.

The payment plan option to join The Catalyst is:

2 payments of $150*

I invite you to, please, go read more about The Catalyst if this is calling your name. I want you to read the words, and really visualize what saying "YES" to yourself could do.

Speak soon,
Allie x 

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