The Shift: From Fear to Possibility


Everything is under the microscope lately. The year is coming to a close and I'm preparing to welcome another child into this world and there's this swirling energy around me that's examining everything. My thoughts. My actions. My presence. My dreams and desires. What's holding me back. What stories are making their way around in my mind. All of it.

I'm becoming increasingly aware of how often I allow myself to become locked into stories that, simply put, don't serve me. Stories of struggle, disempowerment, and feeling less-than. Nearly everything we're being told or sold in the media is based off of the simple idea that we aren't enough. We're in a constant rat race of chasing happiness, but how many of us have actually sat down and visualized what that really looks - and feels like?

So I find myself asking all the questions... how do I really feel? What are my beliefs? Is this story mine, or does this belong to somebody else? How can I detach from a belief that feels so deeply ingrained... but is disempowering?

...To the woman who looks at my pregnant belly and the toddler by my side and tells me how full my hands are going to be, I say, not nearly as full as my heart.

...To the societal story that labour and childbirth is meant to be a terrifying, painful, and scary experience, I say, that's your story, not mine. I choose empowerment. I choose surrender. I choose to trust my body.

...To the belief that anything worth having in life is a struggle to get ahold of, takes blood, sweat, and tears... I choose grace and ease instead.

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest transformations that I've ever experienced - and I remember the struggle. The feeling of losing my identity, becoming detached from myself, and searching for some semblance of balance and some days, sanity. Being pregnant for the second time has me questioning... does it really have to be that way? Do I really have to prepare myself for the struggle, for how damn hard it's going to be?

What if, instead, I transformed how I show up in the world?

These are just little snippets from my personal experience... but let me turn it back to you:

...If you really examined the thoughts running around in your mind, would you start to realize how many of them are deeply rooted in fear?

...If you reassessed your entire belief system, how many of those beliefs would feel true to you? 

...What if, instead of running through worse-case scenarios or waiting for the shoe to drop, you asked... how much better can life get?

How much more joy can you feel? How can you better look after yourself? How can you show up with your full presence? What can you do to feel fully supported? (And what if you just knew in the depths of your heart, that you already were?) How would life be different if you believed in yourself?

Breathe that in, just for a moment.

Every morning when you wake up, you have a choice. Are you going to be run by fear or are you going to operate from a place of joy? 

That's your compass.

Come back to joy. To unlimited possibility. Rise up in your own infinite power.

If you feel called to, I'd love for you to comment or reach out and let me know how this landed for you xo

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