Unleashing the Limitations that Kept Me Silent & Still

I've been thinking a lot lately about the barriers I've placed around myself and what that means.

When did that happen and how did they start appearing so easily? When did I allow myself to be so easily tricked by Fear? 

In my teen years, I convinced myself that I was destined for a mediocre life. The natural talent that I saw pop up all around me in my peers wasn't something I possessed, I was just... me. Nothing special. No big 'thing' to bring to the world.

A few years later, I allowed an ex of mine to ingrain the belief in me that nobody would ever love me. Unlovable and alone. 

Those examples are more extreme, yes. More blatant, definitely. It breaks my heart to reflect on those dark moments, but there are so many subtle ways in which we keep ourselves locked up too.

Many ways that I've unconsciously created limitations that prevent me from chasing after and achieving what I actually want to create. Fear is tricky like that, you know? Fear wants us to stay riiight where we are, because it's safe. It's comfortable. It's certain. 

Uncertainty? Way too terrifying.

Stay in the bubble and don't you dare pop it, Fear says.

I've told myself that I'm too introverted to share more of my life and who I am. I've told myself that I'm way too shy to run live workshops. Not profound enough to share my perspective.

I've told myself that because I'm so time-strapped as a Mom, I can't possibly see the kind of success I want in my business. Or if I want one thing really badly, then that means everything else has to suffer.

That achieving lofty goals means I have to sweat and suffer to get there.

Don't you see? All these reasons to keep me where I am or keep me locked in a state of suffering because of... things I've told myself. Things that are not tangible. Things that I haven't actually seen any proof of because this low-level thinking has kept me silent and still?

It's time to unleash ourselves from the limitations and labels that hold us back.

Because every time you create conditions around going after what you want, you've placed one more obstacle preventing you from actually getting there.

Remove that obstacle and you'll see that it didn't really serve a purpose after all. It was a boulder made out of foam... you had the strength to remove it all along.

What do you say? Are you ready to move with me?



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