What Rules Do You Want to Break?


With so many how-to's, tips, and advice out there, telling us how to live our lives, run our businesses, and even live out our morning routines... what I'm wondering is, how would it feel to break the rules?

Let me explain for a moment... I'm not saying that the blog posts you read, the videos you watch, courses you've signed up with, or those pieces of advice are bad in any way. We thrive on connection and community and going through our days feeling alone and isolating ourselves isn't doing anything for our own growth and evolution.

What I am talking about here is what happens when you get stuck in the mode of... where do I begin? When there's so much information to consume that you start running around in circles, convincing yourself that you're not ready to take it to the next level because you don't know enough yet. Or when you've gone past the level of overwhelm that feels somewhat manageable into I'm-so-stuck-how-the-hell-do-I-move-forward territory. 

Yeah, that.

What would it feel like to break the rules? To drop the story of what you "should" do - to experience balance in your life, to be successful in your business, to go beyond where you are and take things to the next level?

The cool thing is, you get to decide.

Are you aligned with your integrity? 

When I talk about integrity, I'm not just talking about doing what you say you're going to do and making sure your actions align with your words. I'm talking about living in alignment with your values, what matters most to you, and your life vision.

There is no cookie-cutter solution or "way of life" that works for everyone, we are all supremely unique beings and what works for one person might not work for another... and trying to shove yourself into a particular box and meet a specific criteria of how you think you should be or what you think you should do only suffocates your spirit.

There's an opportunity to reassess how you want to show up in your life, the things you find most valuable, what it is that lights you up, and what makes your heart sing.

Lasering in on your desires and the ways in which you want to live can bring about a kind a lightning-bolt clarity that sends a signal to the Universe, saying, YES! More of this please. The law of attraction at its finest. Where you direct your attention and what you focus on, comes back your way, ten-fold.

Let's put this into action, right now, with these contemplation's:

1. What are you currently doing that just... doesn't feel good? Maybe in your business, you're struggling to manage and keep up with the hundreds of social media outlets out there. Or the idea of adding another item to your to-do list feels like you want to scream. Or you're sick and tired of trying to "keep up with everyone".

Imagine how your life would change if you... stopped doing those things? If you stopped listening to what everyone else is telling you to do in order to hit your first 6-figures and started doing the stuff you actually love? It feels a bit like... freedom, doesn't it?

Do what works for YOU.

You get to choose where you spend your time, spend it where it feels good.

2. Where are your expectations being placed? In your relationships? Lifestyle? Your business? Have you defined how things have to be in order for you to feel successful?

...When you answer these questions, do you find that your expectations are holding you back? Do they feel overwhelming or constricting? Or do you they create boundaries in your life and business that feel healthy and manageable?

By examining how you manage your time, the ways you view the systems you've created, and how you're showing up in your relationships, business, and towards yourself, you can get crystal-clear on what needs to happen to leave your comfort zone so that you can align ourselves with what you actually want.

Defining your values and belief systems does NOT mean to are stuck to them forever - they might change and evolve over time, and that's okay too. 

To go next level you have to give yourself permission to break the barriers you've placed around you.

Evoke the rebel within you and define your own rules.

I'd love for you to leave a note in the comments and tell me: what rule are you ready to break free from? What are you going to say a big, fat NO to? 

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