What to do when your inner critic is running the show

There are literally thousands of thoughts running through our mind on any given day, and at times, it can feel pretty overwhelming.

What can you do:

... to shift your mindset?

... when you're overcome by negative thoughts?

... when you feel depleted and overwhelmed?

... when you're feeling creatively blocked and run by resistance?

... to consciously let go of what no longer serves you?


If you're not open to a new way of thinking, or a new set of belief systems, you can't receive it. You can't walk through a closed door. Chances are if you're reading these words, you are a seeker. You want more out of life. You have a desire to unlock your own joy and freedom and deep down (even if you haven't admitted it yet), you know that you have the power within you to transform your life.

Become aware of your thoughts and consciously release old, negative ways of thinking and invite in positive feelings.

It is a practice and it does take time. For most of us, we've carried around these old habits for years, so be patient and practice on a moment-to-moment basis.


This has completely revolutionized the way I live. It's made me more compassionate. More responsive, less reactive. It brings me back to awareness. Everything feels... softer, lighter, more spacious. Less forcing, pushing, striving, proving. More being.

Compassion. Forgiveness. These are the two best tools to have by your side, hands down.

If you haven't read it already, check out 5 (Super Actionable) Ways to be Gentle with Yourself for the full low-down


When you get curious about your feelings and emotions, you're less likely to berate yourself for feeling the way that you do. There's nothing wrong with your feelings.

Let me repeat that: There is nothing wrong with your feelings. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive. There is nothing wrong with being emotional.

Stop labeling certain feelings as "bad" or "good", and just feel them. It's all just energy vibrating in your body, nothing more, nothing less. When you let curiosity take over your mind, you open the door for discovery:

"What's the real reason behind my fear? Is there proof that _______ will happen?"

"Why do I feel angry/ frustrated/ overwhelmed/ upset/ rejected right now?"

And ultimately, "What would it feel like to not feel like this?"


Allow yourself to feel whatever feelings rise up for you, even if it's uncomfortable. Even if you want to scream and swear and stomp your feet. Give yourself permission to cry uncontrollably. Shake it out. Write it all out on paper. Do whatever your body needs to do to release your emotions.

BUT - don't get attached to it. Don't dive into the story of why or how. Don't bring what happens in your present moment into your future. 

Let go. It's all about clearing the slate.


YOUR TURN: What's ONE thing you need to let go of, right now? I'd love for you to share over in the comments.


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