How to Work Past Resistance

That feeling you get when an idea strikes, inspiration hits you, and you know there's something within you wanting to be created, ready to be unleashed to the world. Every cell in your body lights up with a resounding YES. The seed of a dream has been planted. The burning desire to turn it into form? Stronger than ever.

It's the kind of feeling that we chase after and when it comes your way? It tastes sweeter than ever.

There comes a time - maybe shortly after planting the seed, maybe as you've been nurturing them for quite some time, or maybe even right before the harvest - you begin to feel the tug of resistance on your heels.

The chatter of your inner critic is louder than ever, stopping you in your tracks. Who am I? I'm no expert. This topic is too saturated. Everyone else has already said it - and said it even better. What if nobody likes what I'm creating?

Overwhelm takes hold of your entire being. There's too much to do. Where do I even begin? I'll never find the time to dedicate to this idea/ dream/ business.

You find yourself stalling. The inspiration was there, but now it's not. I'm just not motivated. I'll get to it right after I finish cleaning/ taking a long lunch break/ grocery shopping/ everything else on my to do list. (Hello, procrastination!) 

Before I continue, know that there is something to be said for a dream that, at one point, you were insanely passionate about - but that passion has waned and it's just not working. The energy just isn't there anymore. In those moments, it's okay to give yourself permission to walk away.

What I'm talking about now is the complete opposite. This is about those moments when you take a look underneath your resistance and this is actually something you want to do.

These words from Steven Pressfield come to mind:

"Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it."


Know that you are not the only one on this gorgeous planet of ours that feels resistance. Everybody feels resistant at some point or another. This is not just a state of mind exclusively for beginners OR well-seasoned pros. We are in this together.

Takes a little of the pressure off, no? Now then, it's time to become aware of how you react in the face of resistance and notice when it happens.

A good indicator: every time you do something that isn't the most important thing you could be doing? Resistance. (TWEET THIS!)


Another hat tip to Steven Pressfield on this one - the professional, unlike the amateur, comes to work ready to work. If you show up and start working, the rest will come. Approach the work like a pro, and you’ll get the work done.

TIP: set three main priorities for your day - and do nothing else until those have been ticked off. Laser-focus on what matters most and then diving into smaller tasks once those are all done and dusted.


What is the why behind what you're working on? Why is this task important? What is it working towards? And how important is that end goal to you? Why is it important?

Infuse your vision with clarity like no-other and always come back to the WHY behind what you're bringing forth into the world. Let that be your guide and inspiration.


Sit down and do the work. One step at a time. One word at a time. One task at a time.

Small steps create the momentum to project you further and further towards your dream.


Download your FREE workbook now.  Take a stand and rebel against resistance so you can (finally) start moving forward, today. In it, we'll open the floodgates, find clarity, and clear the fog that's currently holding you back. It's juicy and all sorts of awesome.

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