The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "Spiritual Wisdom" and Ki which is "Life Force Energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." Reiki permeates the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies allowing the client to return to the Truth, as it clears and releases energetic blocks that prevent you from living a fully-aligned life.

As a practitioner, I invite Reiki energy to flow into the client and support them as I open a sacred, safe place to allow healing to take place. The energy goes where it is needed for the harmony and restoration of balance to occur. 

Each Reiki treatment is an individualized experience and is designed to balance the chakra system and help alleviate and eliminate physical, emotional, and mental issues. Problems such as back pain, chronic pain, anxiety, depression can be eliminated through energy treatments as well.

The experiences of the client can range between bliss, relaxation, and joy. Sometimes the opposite can be experienced as well, as we release and detox, we can also feel quite emotional. This is all part of the healing process of growth.




Get the support that you need for where you are in your life right now... we'll begin with a short conversation about what brings you to Reiki and what you want to experience in your life. During our healing session together, I will ask that you lay down to accept the energy work - the treatment lasts anywhere from 45-60 minutes. After the session, I'll share what came up for me during your session and we'll talk about ways to ground and integrate the healing in your life.

Reiki treatments can be given in-person or through distance healing. The effects are the same.


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You've been wanting a change in your life for awhile now. You've tried to do it alone for so long and are running out of ideas, and if we get right down to it - out of steam. You're stuck, overwhelmed, burnt-out, and wondering where the hell to turn next. I offer personalized one-on-one coaching for finding clarity, ease, and flow in your life. Together, we'll discover your desires, tap into your intuition, work past what's been holding you back, and unlock your inner power once and for all - it's time to create some serious waves in your life.

I believe that real, sustainable transformation requires committing to your healing journey and doing the inner work. Pairing one-on-one coaching with your Reiki sessions is a powerful combination that will lead you to clarity, peace, and empowerment.

"Supportive, uplifting, reassuring — these are the words that come to mind after I finish each session with Allie. I feel prepped and ready to face the things that make me nervous or that I generally just don't want to deal with because she makes me feel safe and comforted. Allie reminds me that I'm allowed to feel — well, whatever it is I'm feeling. She's an incredible human being." | Katie Cyril

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