"I came to Allie in a quarter-life crisis rut. For months, I had continued down a path that felt like a total dead-end. I wasn’t doing anything for myself, I was working a job that made me miserable, my anxiety was through the roof, and my relationship was fraying at the ends because I wasn’t honoring my needs. Even though I listened to endless personal development podcasts and had a shelf full of self-help books, I was struggling to apply the lessons.

Even in our free clarity call, I knew Allie was going to be a guiding light, and she definitely was. The biggest thing Allie helped me do was to get out of my own head and out of my own way. She asked the questions that I already knew the answers to, but was afraid to admit out loud. In her soothing, but totally down-to-earth way, she got me to talk through all of the madness that was whirling around in my head. After every session, I felt like my feet were back on the ground again, and that I had a definite direction to work towards.

While working with Allie, I quit my horrible job, started a business (!), and also found a part-time job that fills me up. I had it in me all along, but I needed a gentle push and guiding hand and that’s exactly what Allie did. She helped me start to uncover the next version of myself, and for that I am endlessly grateful. Thank you Allie!" | Morgan Carr, Arrow Health & Wellness

"Having time scheduled with Allie gave me permission to tackle things that I felt like I didn't have time to. I thought I should push through my launches and worry about them later, when really understanding what was stressful helped me deal with that stress in a manageable way. Getting to the root of my fears was often surprising, and I needed that time to dig into them to discover what I needed most.

Working with Allie is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and my work. I resisted hiring a coach for SO long because I consider myself a personal development expert, so I should be able to take care of myself. 

Allie is so kind and nourishing, thoughtful, and supportive. I needed her to remind me to slow down, process, and feel. I can be quite go-getting and rigid, and Allie helped me balance that with calm." | Xandra Robinson-Burns, HeroineTraining.com

"Supportive, uplifting, reassuring — these are the words that come to mind after I finish each session with Allie. I feel prepped and ready to face the things that make me nervous or that I generally just don't want to deal with because she makes me feel safe and comforted. Allie reminds me that I'm allowed to feel — well, whatever it is I'm feeling. She's an incredible human being." | Katie Cyril

"Working with Allie is one of my favorite parts of the week. She asks powerful questions that stop me in my tracks. Just one question and my perspective shifts and suddenly the way I was seeing something is blown wide open. By the end of our sessions together I am giddy with purposeful excitement. She gives me just enough to think about and work on between sessions that I don’t feel overwhelmed but I’m excited to get started on and grow with. Allie is amazing. Coach with her, you’ll change your life." | Christine Petty, FreeHerSpirit.com

"Allie holds a container that is deep and breathing, and she holds it with such attention, with full-on presence and pacing that is, somehow, simultaneously, gentle and insistent. Allie knows how to get you back to your heart, and the only map she relies on is the one you bring to the session. She's going to ask you to feel. She's going to ask you to breathe. She is, most decidedly, not going to practice magic. She's going to practice YOU. And because she's not on autopilot, you can't be either. In just a couple of sessions, Allie returned me to myself. She helped me clear the path to my own inner wisdom. Things got quiet inside my heart -- the way gold is quiet, or an orchid, or something made of gauze -- and then it sang. Thank you, Allie." | Helen McLaughlin, RelearningLoveliness.com

"My sessions with Allie felt supportive, heartfelt, and practical. I really loved that I was able to take a few tools and integrate them into my life. Especially the exercise of doing more of what feels good, not just saving it for a dream one day, but finding small ways to make it part of my everyday. Now I'm taking more time to check in with myself and doing more of what I want on a daily basis, which has meant more music and dancing for me. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with Allie and would highly recommend her." | Lisa Navarra


"Allie has been such a joy to work with. Her warm nature opens up the space and I could not help but feel safe and inspired. I left each session with a more grounded heart and motivated to follow my passion." | Jidi Xu, JidiXu.com


"Words cannot describe what working with Allie has done for me. I came to her during a time where I was experiencing a lot of self-doubt and old, destructive patterns showing up in my romantic relationship. 

Allie was amazing at holding a very calm and gentle space for me to dive deep into these issues that I didn't even realize I had. With her support, I was able to get real with myself, be gentle and loving to myself about it, and heal my relationship - things I know that I couldn't have done completely on my own." | Ann Nguyen, The New Boss

"Allie, I want to say the BIGGEST thank you to you for this wonderful month we have shared together. I've told you some of my most deepest thoughts and feelings and you have made me feel hope and strength that I can design the life I want. I'm so grateful to have you in my life and to have the ability to learn/be coached by such a fantastic, caring and inspiring person that is you. You have helped change my world for the better and I can't thank you enough." | Amy Loves, Amy-Loves.co.uk


I hate to admit it but I subscribed and then sent this to my "read later" folder. What a mistake! This e-book is absolutely phenomenal and anyone seeing this should sign up for it RIGHT NOW! It's beautifully written and gives great insight into living with intention. I can't believe it's free! | Amber Temerity, The Thrifty Guardian


So beautiful and so inspiring! Looking forward to diving deep especially with your "I dare you to" exercises. | Jessica Jones, BARE

Thank you for your inspiring e-book. It is just what I needed in this moment. | @joelucero_99

I love this and adore you! Thanks for always spreading the love, my life is a better place because you are in it! | @slcurr

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