Allie is a life coach, Reiki healer, writer, and free-spirit on a mission to spread a little light, connect on a deeper level, and empower women to feel the way they want to feel, which is, damn good. Allie takes a heart-centered approach towards busting through fear & resistance and embracing all of who we are - not just the pretty parts. She weaves in clarity and intention with a whole lotta love and unwavering passion, so we can all live richer, fuller lives that we truly desire.


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"Words cannot describe what working with Allie has done for me. I came to her during a time where I was experiencing a lot of self-doubt and old, destructive patterns showing up in my romantic relationship. 

Allie was amazing at holding a very calm and gentle space for me to dive deep into these issues that I didn't even realize I had. With that support, I was able to get real with myself, be gentle and loving to myself about it, and heal my relationship - things I know that I couldn't have done completely on my own." Ann Nguyen | The New Boss


"Allie holds a container that is deep and breathing, and she holds it with such attention, with full-on presence and pacing that is, somehow, simultaneously, gentle and insistent. Allie knows how to get you back to your heart, and the only map she relies on is the one you bring to the session. She's going to ask you to feel. She's going to ask you to breathe. She is, most decidedly, not going to practice magic. She's going to practice YOU. And because she's not on autopilot, you can't be either. In just a couple of sessions, Allie returned me to myself. She helped me clear the path to my own inner wisdom. Things got quiet inside my heart -- the way gold is quiet, or an orchid, or something made of gauze -- and then it sang. Thank you, Allie." Helen McLaughlin |


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