How to Cultivate Trust Within Youself

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Think back to a time where you felt a total lack of clarity and were desperate for any answer you could get your hands on.

Maybe you crowdsourced the people in your life for their opinions.
Maybe you listened to all.the.podcasts looking for the "how-to" steps.
Maybe you had a heart-to-heart conversation with someone you trusted, who gave you their very best advice (with the very best intentions) telling you exactly what they thought you should do, and you took it and ran.

...Then somewhere along the road, you realized... those opinions, those steps, that advice, it wasn't what you wanted after all.

And actually, it kind of derailed you a bit in the long run.

Listen. You have goals. You have dreams. You have a vision.


And yes, you're not 100% clear. Your inner critic is too damn loud. You don't think you're ready, don't think you deserve it (yet), don't think you have the capacity to step into the next big thing right now. Secretly, you really just afraid of just how powerful and capable you are. (Because that would mean life would change in a big way, and I don't know... life feels kinda comfy right now, doesn't it?)

It's time to STOP looking outside of yourself for all the answers.
It's time to STOP waiting for someone to come along and tell you exactly what to do.
It's time to STOP the personality testing, the analyzing, the constant information consuming, the scrolling, and the inspiration-seeking tendencies within you.

You don't need more information. You don't need more inspiration.

You need to start trusting yourself.
You need to start looking WITHIN for the answers.
You need to start connecting with that part of you (your intuition) that you've deemed not wise or worthy enough.

The only expert you need right now, is you.

The Catalyst is the container to explore what that means - and how to integrate it into your life. Together, we build the foundation that leads to radical self-acceptance.

At the end of this program, you'll...

  • Have a clear understanding of your values and intentions in your life

  • Know exactly how to ground your nervous system and honour your energy

  • Have total clarity over what your desires are and why

  • Feel more connected to your intuition than you've ever felt before

  • Be more in tune with your body, your energy, your emotions, your thought patterns

  • Have reframed your approach to your inner critic, problem solving, and goal-setting

  • Loosen the control you have in your eternal world: your work, relationships, goals

  • Feel more worthy and open to receiving what you want to manifest

  • Have the toolkit to move through resistance, overwhelm, comparison, and procrastination with ease

  • Feel confident implementing boundaries, playing big, and speaking your truth

  • Become more responsive, rather than reactive

  • Feel a sense of lightness, possibility, and ease in your presence

  • Have built a relationship with yourself wrapped up in nourishment, pleasure, compassion, and acceptance

This is the framework. You're guiding the way. You're creating this for yourself. The Catalyst is merely the space-holder for your transformation.


The Energy of The Catalyst

The Energy of The Catalyst

Can I be really honest with you? Launching The Catalyst has been interesting for me.

This has been a vision of mine for what feels like, forever. Actually, it has been a few years. This course has been on my heart since I was pregnant with my daughter, who turns 4 next week. It sat quietly on my mind, shelved for the days when I could finally dedicate the time, and slowly, but surely, began tapping away at my shoulder.

The Catalyst wanted my attention.

The lessons that depression taught me during pregnancy

The lessons that depression taught me during pregnancy

As I sit here, it's as though I'm hoping these words would write themselves, praying that they'll somehow tumble out of my spirit.

There's two intentions behind my words. Before fully closing the chapter on one significant piece of my life also means to fully embrace it, dive into it, and remember it in a way to remind myself that I am whole. I am loved. That there's beauty in my own suffering.

Although it may seem like a purge of emotion and pain, the main goal is community.

DIY Belly Balm for a Happy Belly During Pregnancy

Watching that baby belly grow and grow is one of the most incredible things you can witness. It's pure magic - having a little soul grow inside of you and watching your body transform before your eyes.

With that comes some 'unwanted' side effects too... mainly the itchy belly as your skin stretches and the possibility of stretch marks.

There are countless products ready to be sold to you that claim to soothe and prevent stretch marks... but do they come at a cost?

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