The lessons that depression taught me during pregnancy

The lessons that depression taught me during pregnancy

As I sit here, it's as though I'm hoping these words would write themselves, praying that they'll somehow tumble out of my spirit.

There's two intentions behind my words. Before fully closing the chapter on one significant piece of my life also means to fully embrace it, dive into it, and remember it in a way to remind myself that I am whole. I am loved. That there's beauty in my own suffering.

Although it may seem like a purge of emotion and pain, the main goal is community.

DIY Belly Balm for a Happy Belly During Pregnancy

Watching that baby belly grow and grow is one of the most incredible things you can witness. It's pure magic - having a little soul grow inside of you and watching your body transform before your eyes.

With that comes some 'unwanted' side effects too... mainly the itchy belly as your skin stretches and the possibility of stretch marks.

There are countless products ready to be sold to you that claim to soothe and prevent stretch marks... but do they come at a cost?

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