Building an Authentic Brand with Amanda Bucci | Episode 2

May 23, 2023



How do you grow a brand and build a following while staying true to yourself... as you continue to grow and evolve as the multi-faceted person that you are? In this conversation with Amanda Bucci, we talk about her own experiences growing a 7+ figure business as well as the launch of her new book, Followed: The Creator's Guide to Being Seen, Facing Judgment, and Building an Authentic Personal Brand. We talk about everything from the shadow side of social media and being vulnerable online to what it takes to build an established and trusted brand.


Amanda Bucci is a business consultant, energy & alignment coach, influencer, and founder of the Entrepreneurial Archetype' quiz. People come knocking down Amanda's door for many reasons, but primarily due to her experience and expertise in the convergence between business, personal branding, emotional intelligence, and transformational healing.
Her method is informed by her certifications in Spiritual Psychology and
Trauma-Informed Life Coaching, blended with practical, growth-oriented business strategy and systems thinking.
Whether it's through her private coaching, in-person retreats, group coaching containers, digital courses, or her new book Followed: The Content Creators Guide to Being Seen, Facing Judgement, and Building a Thriving Digital Brand--Amanda is the go-to coach for those looking to step into growth, leadership, visibility, and authentic fulfillment in their work.


In this episode, Amanda discusses:

  • The journey of a content creator while navigating your own personal development journey that is ever-evolving
  • Feeling imprisoned by your own online presence or persona and how to stay authentic to you
  • Amanda's experience pivoting from the fitness industry to business
  • Being on the receiving end of other people's projections when you evolve
  • What to do when you notice and are experiencing resistance
  • Building a personal brand and embracing vulnerability
  • Your social media shadow and the inevitability of facing it
  • What discernment looks like and how it relates to authenticity
  • How to decide what to share and what to keep private online
  • The different stages of branding (and why reinvention is inevitable)
  • Pivoting in business, imposter syndrome, and so much more...



Amanda’s Instagram: @amandabucci

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