Storytelling & Creating Extraordinary Content with Alexandra Carruthers | Episode 3

May 24, 2023




One of the most powerful skills any entrepreneur can develop is the skill of storytelling. Why? Because humans are hard-wired for connection and extracting your story and communicating it with authenticity and ease creates impact in the world. In today's episode, Alexandra Carruthers discusses her approach to defying content trends, claiming your story, and owning your authentic voice. Trust us, it goes much deeper than "creating good content", you're made for extraordinary. In true "behind the scenes" fashion, Alexandra shares her own story behind her most recent pivot in business, what she's focusing on, her approach to leadership, her mindset when creating offers in her business and more.



Alexandra Carruthers is a voice activator, a content creation coach for online entrepreneurs who want to activate their audience and seamlessly sell their offers with the power of their words.


In this episode, Alex discusses:

  • Creating impactful content by unlocking people's story codes
  • Cutting through the noise and chaos and activating your soul clients
  • Why old paradigm strategies aren't relevant anymore and where to go from here
  • Are you creating a body of work or are you becoming a slave to social?
  • The evolution of Alex's brand, her most recent pivot, and the branding process she took herself through
  • What it means to hold the vision for your brand
  • The difference between getting caught up in vanity metrics vs using data for the well-being of your business
  • The energy behind your brand, your content, and your offers and why it matters
  • Are you thinking long term in your business? What intentionality does for your business and how it affects your mental and physical health.
  • Plus, more insight of Alex's approach to leadership, business, and her own creative expression...



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